Carnival's Lido dining experience quality and variety have dropped in many ways over the last 15 years. The food is ok and there is enough, but overall it is approaching a moderate priced buffet on shore.
With no beverage service, seating on a mob rules basis with no staff to guide seating, and modest selection variety, the Lido Dining experience has become something Carnival's competition can point to, or support negative food reviews, or support comments by devotees of other cruise lines saying Carnival is low priced and low class.
We continue to cruise with Carnival and enjoy its strengths of fun, activities, accessibility, and service, but the Lido deck has slipped to where it is a choice of last resort for us.
A bit more attention to and investment in the Lido and the main shows could do wonders to keep Carnival as a top choice for cruisers looking for value without sacrificing a first class experience.