"Don't go on this ship if you like parents who let their children run amuck.". Unfortunately, this has happened on many of the past 12 cruises I have been on. Parents that just let their kids have run of the entire ship as though it was a playground from the moment they board. Sitting on the steps. Pressing all the buttons on the lifts. Not giving way (moving to one side) when walking down the halls. I have purposely bumped into kids that refused to move as though they expected me to move to the side as so they could pass! More than enough room to pass if the person approaching moves to one side and you move to the other. They would just walk down the middle of the hallway. I had a 15 year old kid tell me to go "F" myself when I asked him to move so I could go down the stairs he was sitting on. So, I stepped on him to pass. I wasn't raised with such disrespect but I guess today's parents WERE!! Better luck on your next cruise! :)