A couple of questions... You state you requested a handicapped cabin but none were available? How did you book? Did you book guarantee or did you select a cabin? If you booked guarantee, that was a chance you took. If you picked a cabin when you booked, you would have known at the time if it was a handicapped cabin or not. You can request a certain table prior to your cruise when you are booking but table assignments in the main dining rooms are NEVER concrete. The final decision is made by the maitre'd prior to your cruise. When your wife broke her toe in the cabin, did you go to the medical center? If you did, they could have assured you received your ice bucket daily and you would have written proof of your accident if you need it in the future. We also tend to give our cabin steward an extra few bucks at the start of the cruise ONLY because we know how hard they work, NOT because we expect to get any special attention. Sounds to me next time you may want to consider booking a suite on a cruise line that offers butlers if you are expecting any special attention.