Just some things I would like to point out Karen, and only because I have read many first time cruisers complain about this. In my 10 sailings, I have never had normal announcements (such as daily activities) in my cabin. This is for the convenience of passengers. If an announcement was made at 9am and you were still sleeping, I think you would be annoyed if an announcement about a sale in the shops was blasted into your cabin. But rest assured, if there is an emergency (or any announcement that is of concern to all passengers), it WILL be heard in your cabin. The ship has control over if they are in public areas or all areas (including passenger cabins). For instance, the announcement of the muster drill is announced all over the ship including all cabins.The Captain is required to make certain announcements and if there was an emergency, he would be making few announcements and his Officers would be relaying messages over the PA. During an emergency, the Captain will be in control of assessing the ship.