With all due respect, I question some of the issues in your review. First, if you have been on 4-6 cruises as you indicate in your "Experience", you would know that the $100 gratuity charge is common on most cruise lines. Also, on the past 12 cruises I have been on, I have never been told which lifeboat I would be assigned, just which muster station I had to report to. I have NEVER been seated at a table in the dining room (unless your talking about the buffet) before the table was cleared. I have also been able to request a table for two on all my past sailings although I may have had to wait, I always got one. "I know the cruise line has nothing to do with this, but your low prices draw undesirable passengers  which made the trip horrific.". How did it make you cruise horrific? Did you read reviews prior to you booking?