I have been on the Fantasy twice.  Keep in mind that this is the oldest ship that Carnival has.  You don't find many balconies.  If you are taking a cruise out of Charleston don't expect to be going on a brand new ship.  At least they have a ship stationed there.   In Norfolk we don't even have that.  They don't even give us as much respect as Charleston.    If you are expecting them to pick up your suit case from your car, that would not be someone working on the ship.   That would be someone working for the port.   Don't blame that on the Fantasy.   The Fantasy may be an old ship but at least they have a ship that you can get to the Bahamas on in the winter.  Virginia doesn't even have that.  You would think someone somewhere in the world would  have an old rusty worn out ship that they nobody else wanted that they could send to Virginia.