Poor food quality, older ship & not enough signs for new cruisers.‚  Priority members are not treated fairly.‚  We were present to leave ship 20 minutes early with all paperwork in hand.‚  The staff told us they already took the other cruisers to the dock and we had to leave with the non-priority cruisers.‚  This means we paid for a suite, but was unable to use any benefits due to the staff.‚  Also, excursions were cancelled due to not enough cruisers booking and we booked a last minute excursion.‚  IT WAS HORRIBLE.‚  WILL NEVER USE CARNIVAL AGAIN!


My first cruise I was a fish out of the water and every day I was asking questions, even in the MDR I was asking question because knew I wasn't the only newby on board and no one was going to be my personal assistant.‚ 

Even though you booked the excursions on the ship, they can be cancelled if the provider of the excursion doesn't have enough to make it cost effective for them.‚ 

The day you left the ship you didn't mention if you were self assist or you used your priority tags and left your luggage out to be picked up the night before. I've sat on the stairs waiting to have priority passengers called or in the theater until called.‚ 

Sorry, but sometimes it's not always the cruise line that's at fault.