I would just like to point out a couple of things that might make your next cruise better. The "couple" of dollars they refunded to you (probably in the form of an On-Board Credit) was the port fees & taxes for the missed port. That is normal. Why did they cancel the port call? Could it have been because of the possibility of storms at the port on your expected date of arrival? If that is the case, also normal. The cruise line has the right (read your contract) to alter the itinerary in the event of bad weather for the safety of passengers, crew and vessel. Keep in mind you paid for the cruise, not the itinerary. It is unfortunate that there could be missed ports due to certain circumstances but safety is foremost. The Ecstasy is an older Carnival ship (launched in 1991) so some of the passenger amenities such as the pool and spa areas will be smaller when compared to the more modern ships. You stated your credit card got frozen. Did you inform your credit card/bank of your plans to take a cruise? Many credit card/ banks will freeze a card if used overseas (like when at sea or when you visited Mexico). Prior to your next cruise, inform your credit card company of the dates you will be overseas and they will make a note on your account as so not to flag it as I think happened to you here. Best of luck on your next cruise! :)