I'm heading off for a 4 night cruise to the Bahama's next week.   Carnival has Cruise Fancy night not formal night.   Now this is just a quick 4 night cruise (I'm mostly going for the Journey concert on the ship). I will be having to fly in and out.   I do not want to take any checked bags,  so just one carry on and my back pack.  A sport coat is 100% out of the question to pack.   Since it is the 4 nigh party,  Carnival concert series I was thinking just nice jeans and a nice long sleeve shirt (I have some nice shirts from English Laundry) the rest of the trip will be Polo shirts, shorts and jeans.


Do you guys that have done the 4 night trips think jeans are ok,  or should I pack a pair of dockers ?  I hate to pack something I will only wear for a few hours.