Just wondering, what was wrong that you didn't feel well? I would hope the ships crew would be concerned with your health in case what you were experiencing was contagious. Since you need to use a CPAP, why don't you carry your own distilled water in case you need it and to avoid the onboard charges for it? When only half of your daughters cabin service order arrived, why didn't you call room service to get the rest of the order as opposed to going to complain to guest services? Your not charged for cabin service anyway! As for the price for pictures, if you have been on 7+ cruises as you indicate in your profile, you should know the pictures are expensive. Not too sure about the +$10 charge for the smaller print. Did you think internet service onboard was free and is actually charged per minute if you do not have a plan?Good luck on your future cruise with RCCL but keep in mind, it is not always the cruise line at fault as much as it is the crew onboard. I've sailed on RCCL 2 out of the last 10 times I have cruised and although I have had a good time, I was not "WOW'd".