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This cruise is for the lower class.

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Perhaps you should reword your title line.  It is rather rude!  I am sure that Royal Caribbean will be happy to take your money.  If you did not have a good vacation, that is because you wanted to find something wrong with it!  Vacation is meant to be just that.  Perhaps next time, relax and just enjoy instead of nit picking!  Life is what you make it!

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I do agree that the title of the post is very strongly worded. To talk in terms of "lower classes" is very insulting in this day. There is a lot of poverty in our World.

We all work hard for what we make and if we choose to save a few bucks on our vacation by booking with a line that offers them at lower prices, we should not be called Low Class!

I have gone on Carnival and had a great time, guess that makes me low class? Or do I balance out because I also go on celebrity ? I would rather be low class and enjoy life then high class sitting on a broom stick complaining about every little thing. I joke and call Carnival the floating Walmart, but like Walmart, somethings are done best at Carnival.

When I book a cruise I know the age of the ship and the ship decor before I book it. I have had a good time on everything from 3 night Carnival inside cabin up to mini suite on HAL and 14 night Transatlantic on Celebrity with extended balcony cabin.

Life is what you make out of it, roll with the punches of the bad and enjoy every little bit of good that you can find. Don't insult people.

Lol well I am from Canada and work hard for what I have. According to society I am considered middle class/income. I am just a smart shopper as I still get to see mew places for a cheaper cost. Call me frigid but I call it smart shopping.. I enjoy Carnival and have no beef with them

All businesses cut corners. That is the times we live in

For someone calling people "low class", you sure don't show your class by your spelling ability. That was pretty rude to say that people sailing Carnival are below you. Just reading that title did not make me want to consider anything you had to say, which made your post pointless, in my opinion.

Couldn't have said it better!

Thanks Bubba54

Let's shoot the messenger!

I have sailed Carnival in the past, and I agree with the idea that the OP attempted to make.

The average passenger on a Carnival cruise behaves in a lower class way.

This is not to say that all passengers are like this -- many "upper class" passengers find the value in Carnival's product.

Basically, I believe that the definition between Low Class and Upper Class has nothing to do with money, but with behavior. Many of the passengers (again, not nearly all, but more than half) on my last C cruise were rude, obnoxious and self-absorbed. Much different than my last Princess cruise where most passengers acted like ladies and gentlemen (including the children!).

Do I condemn the OP for his choice of words? No, I will not.

Will I sail C in the future? Probably, but with the knowledge that a large share of the passenger base has no manners.

Am I likely to look for other lines that may give me what I expect? Very likely.

Thanks, OP, for your honest review.

BdRebel, I have to agree with your statement that a large portion of the passengers are self absorbed, but are we not all at some point, and when you are on vacation, that is an excuse to let you hair down?

Sadly, class is defined by income/society status and there is no convincing anyone of that, especially in this day and age. I have seen people that look like they come out of the back woods that act like complete fools, but yet have way more money than I.

My point on this was that the original comment paints everyone with the same brush and I, for one, find it rather rude and disrespectful.

At the end of the day, if he or you or anyone is not content with the cruise line, its clientele, or anything about Carnival, perhaps they should go elsewhere.

Myself, I can get along with anyone and all types of personalities. Like I said in my previous comments, "Your Vacation, is what you make it". If you allow others to ruin your time, the only one that loses is you.

Life is too short, don't sweat the small stuff!

Askeegan -

I will agree that your vacation is what you make of it. I did enjoy (for the most part) my time on Carnival. I am able to get along with anybody, however it does take effort not to blow up at some of the rudeness displayed by some of the passengers. (BTW, one that comes to mind was the lady behind me in the Customer Service line. She was obviously well-to-do income wise, was a frequent cruiser, etc. She was also what I would argue as one of the low-class types we are talking about. The line was stretching across a walkway. Rather than allowing people to pass in front of her, she acted highly offended and let the other passengers know, without doubt, that the line started "back there" and they need to walk around the back of the line rather than through it.)

I have also noted lower income people who are ladies and gentlemen.

Again, I do not believe that the OP was referring to income or social status, but rather their behavior. (And yes, I do believe the headline was poorly chosen, but it was effective -- many have come to the review.


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