Many people, when talking about Carnival cruise lines use words like "Walmart" or sentences like "You get what you pay for". If this is true, explain this to me, my wife and I did a 14 day Trans-Atlantic crossing on Princess this last April. The cost of the cruise (including port fees and taxes) was $949pp for an unobstructed balcony cabin. We were treated like kings and queens. No crew with poor attitudes. Food was good to great and the entertainment was excellent. So how does the definition of "you get what you pay for" or using the term "Walmart" come into the frame when it is obviously not about what you pay as much it is about the management of the crew aboard certain ships? You can sail on a ship this week and sail it again next month with two totally different experiences. Carnival is the most utilized cruise line when it comes to cruising so it is expected that there would be a lot more reviews of their ships so reading about poor cruises on their ships is more out in front. Of our last 12 cruises, 5 were with Carnival and we never had a bad experience. Even though some of the Carnival ships were better than others we had sailed, still never a bad cruise. We never dismiss Carnival as one of our choices when researching cruises. For everyone that complains not just about a bad Carnival cruise but for a poor cruise with any line, I can't help but wonder how many actually take the time to contact the cruise line to express their disappointment so they can correct the issue for future cruises. If past passengers had done this, maybe future cruises wouldn't have the issues. The unfortunate thing is many of us just get off the ship, post a review and move on so the cruise line may never be made aware of an issue on a ship. hopebeleive, I hope your next cruise is more to your liking. Even with the less than great experience you had on this cruise, you closed with the best statement " Never to allow this to ruin your vacation and simply make the most of it to have a wonderful time.".