My wife had a very bad experience with the spa too. ‚ Carnival gave her a $50 gift card to the spa for her birthday. ‚ When she tried to use it, the spa people limited her to use it on only certain services and they all costs over$150. She wanted tho get her hair done and was willing to pay the difference but they won't let her cos it cost less than $70. It was very stressful talking to the spa people as they laugh at you and talk down to you like you are nothing to them. ‚ I went and talk to guest service and was told the gift card was actually from carnival and not the spa so not sure why the spa is doing that. But in the end, because of the stress and not liking or trusting any of the people at the spa anymore, my wife just threw away the gift card and move on. But....they were pushing for my wife to get her teeth whitening done and now it smells fishy after reading your commend.