My wife and I are going on a cruise with and dining with a large group..Only a handful are good/close friends. The remaining are those are friends\relatives of one of these that I don't know ( 1 or 2 met once).'s my wife's birthday the last day of the cruise and would like to get her a cake for at dinner that night. With the size of the group I'm thinking I'd need to purchase at least 2 cakes from cruise ship to cover everyone. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a cheapskate but to get 2(possibly 3) to accommodate the entire group more than half I don't know seems overdoing....already turning into expensive trip.


One option....get cake for wife and I to eat in our room ourselves...


One other option, get a cake for those I know and invite them down to our room for birthday celebration.  I do plan getting the room decorated but her birthday is an at sea day and trying figure a way to have cruise do that without my wife knowing.


Thoughts? Any other options?


Thanks for any suggestions!!!!