This came about when I was sending DebbiVi an e-mail.  We discussed it a bit earlier this evening, and it has to do with your hotel room or cabin safe.  Really, it's about knowing if someone has opened it while you were ashore or out of the cabin.  What you'll need;  your camera, and something innocuous like a chess piece ( preferably a Knight because of all the edges ).

1) before you place everything in the safe, lay it all out and take a couple of pictures of what is going in.

2) before you lock the door, place the chess piece in the front.  Take a picture, then lock the safe.

3) upon your return, open the safe and compare the picture you took to the interior now.  If the chess piece is moved or turned, you know something is wrong, take a photo,  and call security immediately.  Don't empty the safe til they get there. Explain what you did, and show them the pictures, and what you found when you returned.  Proceed to empty the safe and examine the contents.  If anything is missing, you'll know, and so will security. 

Keep the photos for insurance purposes or whatever else.


Id be curious to know if this idea works for anyone.