Your review is a bit confusing. In one part, you state "Somehow, my friends were given their proper credits but I only received the $150 excursion credit although the bookings were done on the same day for the exact same cabins which were just a few doors apart.". Then, you state "Our party of 8 booked this cruise using 3 different "vendors" (one being directly with RCI)". Being that you booked through 3 different agents/companies, it is possible that the one you booked through didn't offer the $100 OBC as some agencies offer private credits as part of their selling that the cruise line may not offer. In such, that may be why you didn't get the OBC...your agent didn't offer it and the other 2 "vendors" did. Also, booking dining times is offered to ALL passengers as part of the online check-in process at the RCCL site. I cruised with RCCL twice (and once on the Brilliance) and always came across the option to choose my time for each meal & day in the MDR when doing my online check-in. If you were told you would get the OBC, and you have it as part of your contract emailed to you from the agent and/or RCCL, you can always dispute it.