well, I could have written "More Problems",  but I went with Bigger.      Anyway, as Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbbean await their newest mega-ships to hit the water, I was wondering, are these ships good for the cruising experience ?

When we first started sailing back in '92 on the Carnival Holiday, she was one of the largest in the fleet.  A couple of years later, we were on the Victory & the Triumph, slightly larger ships.   These all held about 2K pax, and we're easy to get around.  Cruising was fun, and becoming more affordable.

This past February we were on the Breakaway for SB ( Roman Numeral whatever ) and though the ship was really nice and the food was great, we found her, not difficult to get around, but really big.  Lots of walking between venues.  The only reason we would go back on her is because the Thalossotherapy Spa is really well laid out.   

So, I was wondering.   Do you prefer the bigger city-ships that are on the horizon ?  Or do you prefer the intimacy of the smaller ships ?  Which, by the way, seem destined to go the way of the grand midnight buffet of days past.   Will smaller ships become just a memory ?

Another thing to think about, is in the past, on smaller ships, norovirus was unheard of. Now, it seems we hear about outbreaks all the time.  And those are the big ones.  What about the minor outbreaks we don't hear of ?   I would bet, someone gets sick on almost every cruise.  We just don't hear about small cases of noro.

Another problem with the big ships, is the impact on the oceans and ports.  Ports have to be dredged to accommodate these behemoths.   Is it worth it ?   Then, the port cities themselves get flooded with tourists.  How many ships / tourists can ANTIGUA or St. Kitts handle ?

What do you guys think ?