December 22, 2012
Last week I was at the Pharmacy Express at the Belize City Ship Terminal. There are four pharmacies at the terminal owned by an American pharmacist, who states she was a Wal-Mart pharmacist for years and moved to Belize to open the pharmacies.
There were "special sales" on hydrocodone, soma compound , phentermine and ambiem advertised on signs posted in the pharmacies. The pills are sold in unmarked zip lock plastic bags. I was told it was legal to purchase medication but everything needed to be placed in plastic bags so metal detectors wouldn't detect it.
None of the medications were real. The hydrocodone 10mg/500mg was actually co-dydramol which contain 500 mg of tylenol per tablet and a type of codeine. The medication is sold over the counter at pharmacies in the U.K. without a prescription.
The Belize pharmacy's "special" was "buy 500 Vicodin 10mg/500mg for $200 and get 100 Vicodin free". The medication is useless.
The Soma Compound is actually Aleve. The Ambien is a decongestant and the phentermine is of unknown compounds.
DO NOT SHOP AT PHARMACY EXPRESS in Belize City, Belize. Nothing is as it is represented ... you will lose your cash and possibly your health or life taking these medications!
You have been warned!