As it is St. Patty's Day I though of an interesting experience we had on one of our cruises, or I should say, before the cruise, and I figured it might be a good warning to all. 

You know the pre-boarding photo setups all cruises start with.  On your way to the gangway, the set up with backdrop and the people with the cameras ready to create your first memory of the cruise.  Generally those backdrops have been a scene of some sort which includes the ship's name, perhaps the destination and picture of the ship.  Something like that.

One cruise tried a different approach.  A high tech idea but a massive fail. Instead of a fixed backdrop, they used a green screen.  Uh oh.  Nice idea as the desired scenery background could be inserted digitally by the photography depart.

Unless you were wearing green clothes.  On this cruise we had our son, daughter in-law and grandkids with us.  One of our grandsons was wearing a green tee shirt.  You can imagine what that looked like when we later viewed the photos in the photo gallery.  A kid with a head, lower body, arms but no torso.  Happy

We saw several other pictures with similar results.

I wonder if that was a short lived experiment.  We've not seen in on later cruises so I hope it was a practice they decided against continuing.