I am a plus sized diva and I'm not ashamed of my body by any means but I do dress on the conservative side. I just started cruising in 2014 and before cruising, I had never been to the beach. Our first port was the Grand Caymans and we enjoyed the Seven Mile Beach. I remember wearing a white tank top over my two piece (bikini top and swim trunk bottoms) swimsuit. I wasn't completely comfy with baring my tummy. As we sat in the ocean, drinking rum from fresh coconuts, I saw fit bodies in skimpy bikinis and bodies similar to mine laying freely on the beach or enjoying the ocean and no one was judging. I decided to shed my tank top and really enjoy this freedom....Now when we cruise I opt for a high waist two piece bikini and no one cares that I don't have a flat stomach and slim thighs......DO YOU GUYS FIND YOURSELVES SHEDDING YOUR CLOTHES ON VACATION?