Hi there, 

  A question about backpacks here. While we're planning on traveling light, my husband has a Columbia backpack, standard sized school backpack with pockets on the sides for water bottles. While we've reasoned out that we may have to check our bag at the Vatican (& he'll change into a pair of 'workout' pants because wearing jeans all day will be tortuous, lol,) I'm finding information that bags are banned from the Coliseum with no bag check. This information only dates back to 2015. Does anyone have any current information on the rules?


  While in Rome we're also going to try to get as quick as we can to the Vatican (we leave from the Port at 8:45 am) to catch the tail end of the Pope speaking.  However, I'm not sure when to book our entry tickets for the museums---how strict are they in terms of missed time tickets? Or even arriving early?