Norwegians newest and largest, for now, the Escape, is coming out soon. It will have, among other things, a Bocce court. How nice.  We were sitting out on the Breakaway in August and I was saying, gee, what I really wish this ship had was a Bocce court. It has everything else.

Seriously, at what point will the industry self implode? Our first cruise over 20 years ago was on Carnivals Glory. At that time she was the largest in their fleet.  Now, she's not worthy of a shrimp cocktail.  

What has happened to service ? Food quality ? Lounge entertainment ? Amenities ?  At what point on our post cruise surveys did we ask for floating impersonal cities ?  I must have checked off 10 without reading the question.

We had to cancel our visit to the RV show because of our move. I see there is a small one coming up in January.