back in 1992, when we took our first cruise, the Holiday was the largest ship in Carnival's fleet.  She held about 1500 passengers. Today, ships that carry twice that are considered average.  New ships carry 4-5000, and future ships will serve more.

In order for these ships to dock at various ports, massive dredging efforts are being undertaken.  What is the impact on the ocean environment, and is anyone worried?  How big is too big ?  At what point does a company say, oops, we overestimated the need for this large a ship ?

We prefer the smaller ships, but I am afraid for many, their days are numbered. Some will be forced to stay afloat due to their itinerary, such as Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, etc.  in order to turn a profit, these ships must be filled to capacity or near capacity every week.  We all know service suffers. As does food quality. At least it seems to.

But back to my original question.  Is anyone concerned about the damage being done in order to accommodate these massive ships ?  No, I don't have any data, but I do know a crane on a barge scooping out massive amounts of sand and stone ( and who knows what else ) has to be doing some damage.   Is anyone thinking about this ?  Or are we thinking, I can't wait to see the latest city at sea !   I hear it has.......whatever. Its own post office the way things are going Wink.  Pretty soon ships will need town councils.