An ugly ship???

This came up in conversation the other week at work on the bus back to the port. We were talking about driving up to the port (there is an exit ramp and we can see the ship when we get off). One girl said she gets excited when she sees one ship (I will leave the brand off to not sway people's opinion) because its so pretty and things the other cruise ship is ugly.. I immediately told her to take it back because I didn't think it was fair.. I personally don't find either ship "ugly" or "depressing"



Question to the story is do you guys think there is ever any ugly ships? Most brands have the same style... What are your opinions? I think if its a cruise ship, i'll be excited to get on it.  

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Well, by ugly, maybe she meant plain. If one ship was a Norwegian ship, and the other a Holland America, I could see her point. She is allowed to voice her opinion, so, making her " take it back " , in my opinion, was inappropriate. If she thinks one ship is less attractive than another, so be it.

In my opinion I think that the mega ships are ugly, a huge floating blob, I like the look of the older smaller ships that look more like a classic ocean liner. I find the hull art tacky where I find the black and white plain ships to be more elegant, kind of like an Art Deco building Vs. a modern glass cube building.

I love the looks of the mega ships, the Breakaway and similar class ships are a marvel of engineering. The value is also outstanding for the quality from what I've gleaned off the internet. Can't wait to start on the Gem and work my way up! For those of us who like to walk around, mingle and be social and happy though, that's kinda the point. I'd hate sitting in a casino, for instance, wasting money and breathing other peoples smoke! Grody

Each line has its own style. Mega ships ? well they look like mega ships, Princess has a certain elegance Any black and white vessels look great. Art on the hulls indicates to me a certain whimsy and sense of fun. Unfortunately, Carnival ships don't do anything for me, but that's the only line that does that. However, starting arguments over personal tastes is like wrestling in the mud with pigs, only the pigs enjoys it.....Wink

The lines of a ship's bow and proportion of hull to higher decks tends to be my personal criteria for assessing a ship's beauty, so to speak. What I find ugly are the newer mega brick-like ships. The profile and proportion are odd.

In this picture, a HAL ship. The bow stretches gracefully forward. The upper decks are not

stacked one on top of the next but instead they slope backwards. It doesn't hurt that the hull is blue either.

On this larger, the bow is rather stubby and the decks are stacked up so high it seems

as if a stiff wind could knock the entire ship over. The decks just about the bow are a blot

of white... there is little graceful looking about this ship.

Just my opinion... YMMV.

Unfortunately, we do not get the Norwegian through our port and it was all in good fun. I acknowledged her opinion and voiced mine....

I agree with Cruising CM and JusMe, in that I too think that many of today’s giant ships are ugly. Some remind me of the Soviet Union style slab sided low income housing complexes spread across that country years ago. Worse yet, is their blunt bows, look like they ran head on into a cliff or something. The “sail area” of some of these ships has got to so severe that it is a wonder they don’t tip over in a blow.

The vessel lines I like best on today’s cruise ships, that we have seen, are: 1. Disney Fantasy and Dream----2. Queen Mary ll-----3. The Vista class ships with the Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth surpassing the other six due to additional silhouette enhancements:

2002: MS Zuiderdam. 2003: MS Oosterdam. 2004: MS Westerdam. 2005: MS Arcadia. 2006: MS Noordam. 2008: MS Eurodam. 2007: MS Queen Victoria. 2010: MS Queen Elizabeth.

Shots of the Disney Fantasy I took when she was along side of us last January.

As with most things in life, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

If she called a person ugly, then yes, she should be told to take it back ( even though you can't ), and apologize if necessary. Ships don't have feelings. You can walk right up to one and call it a hulking mass of steel, and you know what will happen ? Nothing. It won't cry, it won't run and hide. A child doesn't understand the lines of a ship. The way it glides through the water. Especially in port. They see the hull art and the stacks. Now, if it was a Disney ship, I agree with her. They could do so much more to be attractive ships, but they don't. Call it branding, but those are some ugly ships. And I can't stand their horns.

Someone stated they love the looks of the mega ships. I'm guessing they weren't around for the, what we now call, smaller ships. What's a small ship now ? Norwegian Spirit ? Carnival Triumph / Victory ? Our first ships were the Carnival Holiday, and the Norway. At the time, the Holiday was Carnivals largest ship. The Norway predates Freestyle Cruising. Both are gone. Now, you get to cruise with a large town of people. There is no, individuality to the ships. I don't take a cruise to go to an amusement park. I can go to Coney Island or Seaside Heights for that. Cruising doesn't have the cache it used to. There is no glitz & glamour. The shows are often compared to HS musicals. The food is at times pedestrian at best. And many of the passengers are boisterous, bullying, louts who think that they can do anything they want because they are on vacation. They think the cabin steward is akin to their slave for the week. Seating may be at a premium in the atrium for a movie, but I'll bet someone has their feet up on a second chair.

How about this one. We were getting ready to watch something, Super Bowl I think, in the atrium one year. Seating was tough, but we found three chairs( we needed 4 ). A guy had his feet up on a chair so I politely asked if I could have it. He told me no, that he was comfortable the way he was. I called over a rep from the cruise ship, who saw it my way, and told the person to give up the extra chair. After some rude comments he said fine, take it, and kicked it over. I said " No! Give me the chair you're sitting on ! Why should I sit where your filthy shoes were ? You sit on that one ! ". You could hear the crowd was on my side. The rep agreed and asked him to stand up. The guy just cursed, and walked away, stating he'd never cruise Norwegian again. So, the chair cost me $20 ( for the rep ) and our little group got to sit and watch the game together.

That scene, would never have happened 10 or 15 years ago. Now, everyone is entitled. Or thinks they are.

i forgot that story. Glad it got kicked up.


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