So, I was just sitting here wondering, all forms of business nowadays seem to have some sort of "Live Chat" or email feature to contact them. I wondered, what if cruise ships, not the lines corporate headquarters, had someone onboard an actual vessel that would answer questions regarding the ship you may be planning on sailing? In my mind, they could have customer service reps rotate answering questions posed by prospective customers that were emailed directly to the ship. This would interest me. You could query them as to questions you may have regarding a possible review that you had read that caused you concern. Or, to even ask questions such as the best way to book a specialty restaurant, onboard or online prior to the cruise. To know you are actually speaking to someone familiar to the ship as opposed to someone sitting at a desk at their headquarters replying with a form type email entices me. So what do you think? Do you feel this type of direct contact would encourage you to cruise more on a specific ship?