(Shaking Head)!!! Another one....OK....let's review......THE WEATHER IS NOT UNDER CONTROL OF THE CRUISE LINE OR THE SHIP AND CAN NOT BE ALTERED!!! The safety of the passengers, crew and vessel are foremost before itinerary. So, in other words, if the cruise line or Captain of the vessel deem it necessary to change course or itinerary for the safety of the a fore mentioned FOR ANY REASON, they will (read your cruise contract)!! Just as you didn't plan for bad weather, I'm sure the crew didn't either nor did the Captain!! You were still on a cruise. Would you have rather taken the chance of rough seas? And even if you did make it to port under those conditions, do you really think you would have enjoyed your port visit? The food was "Excellent", you liked your cabin and got to visit 50% of your ports! Sorry your cruise was "NOT a good experience"!! I'm sure many of us would have been OK with the conditions!!! I would have!!