Even after 10 cruises, how to find a cruise the RIGHT cruise for us is a step that we decide on together. After all, there is so much to consider. Large ship or smaller ship. When to cruise. Warm climate or cold climate (such as Alaska). What cabin type. What are the current deals. Who do we book with. And the most important, how much do we have to spend (which decides most of the quieries stated above). After all, if you see a deal for a seven day cruise for $199pp, you can be assured that the accomidations are for an inside cabin. Will you be comfortable in an inside cabin? Also, the $199pp is NOT the final payment. You have to add on port fees and taxes as well as travel insurance which will bring that $199 up to more like $300pp. Luckily, there are many cruise agents that promote "No Down payment" to book your cruise and you can even pay your cruise off over the coming months as long as final payment is made 90 day's prior to the sail date. So if you want to book a cruise, Check your finances on what you can spend (and don't forget there are things onboard such as shops and beverages you must pay extra for just to name a few), decide where you want to cruise to then start researching deals. Or do what we have done since 1990, call a reputable cruise agent and get the ball rolling. They will take the reins and advise you of the best cruises for you in conjunction with your budget. Bon Voyage!! :)