Regarding the Cozumel port, we saw a lot of construction and new potential at the RCCL pier last year (2015). ‚ However, the other cruise ship pier, easily visible and a short walk away, is more mature and has several shops‚ we have visited so many times that we have developed friendships with the proprietors. ‚ And there are more musicians, street performers, and clean bathrooms at that pier. ‚ All of these being the case, we walked over to the other pier last year which made‚ the pier experience top rate for us. ‚ Of course you can also go downtown or on excursions. ‚ Over the years and on‚ several cruises, we went from liking Cozumel, to being bored with it, and in the last few years, we love it, because we just relax and enjoy it with no expectation of adventure unless we book an‚ excursion.‚