An earlier posting was critical of RCL. We all know that things go wrong on cruises, as with any other situation that we deal with in our day to day life.  If we are here to help and advise current and future cruiser, should we not be able to deliver all information to assist them and make their trip as enjoyable as possible.

Can I get feedback on this?


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It has to be ok to post the bad along with the good. Not every cruise is perfect. In the beginning, I think we anticipate an amazing vacation. After several cruises, you realize, crap happens. I have no problem calling Carnival an entry level cruise line. Other people only cruise Carnival.

On that note, if you only cruise one line, like Carnival, you don't have the right to say , " they're the best, that's why I only travel with them". Get out and try another line, then voice your opinion on that matter. Carnival is very inexpensive, I get it. The best ? No.

I have been on Princess and NCL.

Both lines have their points. I would like to try other lines in the future, that may happen.

When and if I decide which cruise line to switch to, you can be sure I'm going to ask many serious and pointed questions. It's my money I'm spending and I don't mind getting the best value for my travel dollar. The best information comes from all sources, good and bad. I want to know.


For us, sometimes the ship is the destination, ie, the Breakaway. Nice ship. Way too big for our liking, but she leaves from NY. Same thing with the Splendor this Oct. We wanted to get away for a few days, so we booked a 5 day to Canada. Inexpensive ship, with a thermal suite. We actually have a spa cabin, lucky us. Been to Canada. Nice trip. Just a brief get away.

Everybody has different experiences on the same ship. I have cruised with 6 different lines. I do not let one bad experience stop me from giving a second chance. Reviews are to give the good, the bad and the ugly about a ship. I have read reviews where people loved the cruise "Best vacation of my life" and the nest review of the very same trip says it was the worst ever and they will never go on that line again.

I have found that most lines have 1 ship that is not up to par with the rest. I have had my worst 2 cruises on the NCL Star and a great cruise on the NCL Pearl. Lesion learned, I will not cruise the Star again unless it is a killer great price.

I have had a blast on Carnival because I go with low expectations of it. If I would get Carnival style Cabin, buffet and room service on Celebrity I would not be happy, But I know what to expect when I book different lines. On Holland America, Food was good, ship was nice, service was excellent but the age rang of fellow travelers was not to my licking. now in 20 years I may Love H.A.L.

Most of the time a cruise is what you make of it. The times it gets bad is when customer service is bad and employees are rude to you and you do not get what you paid for.

We love HAL. Could care less about the ages of everyone else. Service is the best, Pinnacle Grill is some of the best food anywhere. Land or sea.

We welcome all reviews, good, bad or ugly, and only edit or remove content that violates our Community Guidelines (

Even a long, negative review might contain a nugget of useful information that's valuable to someone planning a similar trip, and that's what makes such a valuable community. The best part is all of you -- experienced cruisers who can answer a question for a first timer or help someone who just finished their first cruise avoid having the same problem on their next trip.

So, yes, we welcome all viewpoints, information and feedback as long as you're polite, a good samaratan, respect diversity and don't spam us. It's simple, really.

I am happy that the site posts all reviews - both positive and negative. Cruise lines do read these reviews and ones that have negative reports in them may encourage the cruise line to check into the problems mentioned. I have taken 48 cruises and sailed almost every major cruise line and others, too. Each line has its pluses and minuses. I take river cruises also and have sailed on Yacht cruises, too.

We are on Platinum level with Carnival and have had wonderful experiences with them. We would not have been able to cruise as often with our children if not for Carnival's lower prices. My kids loved the ships too. We enjoy the food but don't like the loud music throughout the ship or some of the tasteless activities. But we still enjoy the cruise. We are seniors on a cruise line that caters to a younger crowd. I get it. I have had worse food on other cruise lines. The Breeze was my favorite Carnival ship.

My next sailing is on HAL & we are both looking forward to it. I know the passengers will be older but so are we. This is a very long cruise. WE will reach the three star level on the cruise.

I like MSC and accept the European touches that other find fault. I enjoy mingling with others from foreign cultures. We have been on two cruises with them and did a lunch/tour on a third hip. I would love to take another cruise with MSC.

Although Princess is a fine cruise line I was so turned off by waiting 45 minutes on line in the terminal to get on the Crown Princess ship that I have not taken another.

Other passengers kept being placed at the head of our line and it almost caused an insurrection by those in line. What a way to start a cruise.

I like the larger ships for the variety of activities and am not intimidated by size or numbers of passengers. Others are turned off by large ships. We have to accept that everyone is different.

Everyone likes different things and every passenger has a different experience on the same ship. Recently my sister right next door to us had a steward who was terrible. It might have been his first time on a ship - who knows. We right next door had a steward that was great. We couldn't believe the difference in service. Her experience was just as valid as ours. She never received any amenities in the bathroom at all while we received plenty in ours.

I am mostly pleased with RRCL by NCL needs to get their dining line shortened.

Any review that is way out of line perhaps should be removed as are those without any redeeming value - perhaps those posted as jokes. We should leave it up to the site to make that determination. I respect that other feel differently.

We read these reviews in order to find out about a line and it's cruises. Naturally, we want to know both the good and the bad. That said, I must say I was astonished to read a very negative review of a Regent cruise. We were on the exact same cruise, at the same time and we were very very, very pleased. I do think people bring their own "dramas" into their experiences, so I tend to discount really negative reviews, especially when most of the others are very positive. Sometimes I even wonder if they're trying to extort future discounts from the cruise lines.

I have been on a cruise with friends, my cabin was on one deck and a friends on a different deck. I had a great cruise, not one problem. My friend had a bunch of problems, his TV remote did not work, the shower backed up, the A/C did not get his cabin cooled down for the first 2 days of the trip. When he complained to his cabin steward she said the things would be fixed and they were not. He did not see her the rest of the cruise and at the end of the trip he did not get the survey left in his room that I did. So on the very same cruise I had a much better cruise then he did.

Different people have different experiences on the same cruise depending on the staff members that attend them. I can see how some have great trips and others bad trips on the same cruise.


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