This morning, my husband started chuckling as he read an article about Alaska cruising. The reason he found it so amusing was the author's point about menus being the salmon equivalent of Bubba's recitation on various preparations of shrimp in the movie, Forest Gump. 

Anyone who knows me is also painfully aware that I have some food phobias, among them being I cannot and will not eat salmon in any way, shape, or form. I am also not  a big fan of crab... but I can at least swallow it. Don't ask where these aversions began but they persist.  For instance, in May we were in Norway. As we walked into a buffet lunch, I saw every entree (and I mean that literally) included salmon... and I began to twitch (and I mean that figuratively). What did I eat? Parboiled potato and peas.... oh yeah, and some whipped cream dessert concoction that did not contain salmon. So hopefully you get the picture - I do not like s-a-l-m-o-n, sam I am.

At present, I find myself gritting my teeth knowing that one of our land tour venues is named "King Salmon something or other". God as my witness, this may be the first cruise I go vegetarian. To those who have cruised in Alaska, please tell me that there are more food options to eat aside from the dreaded salmon.  There is just so much turkey jerky that I can take with us.