A perfect example of disrespect

We were discussing the responsibility of people on a cruise ship, rudeness, etc. Well, today I saw a perfect example of a teenager showing a complete lack of respect for someone's property.

Out of nowhere I heard the sound of flexing metal. I looked up, and I saw a kid in the process of using a car as his own personal obstacle course. By the time I looked he was on the roof and jumping off to the pavement. He saw me staring at him, and he just took off running.

I couldn't believe it !!!! This jerk just jumped on and off of someone's car !!! Why ? Because it was there ? Because he felt like it ? Because it was fun ? This is what happens when parents don't discipline their kids. And now, they are going on cruises.

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Remember the youth are our future..................... g-d help us all.

Yes, this is a real problem not just for other passengers but also for the cruise lines. I have seen kids roaming in public areas in packs jumping down stairs, knocking into others completely oblivious to the havoc they were causing. On the other hand, I have seen similar behavior in adults who show complete disregard for others with their obnoxious behavior while drinking in public areas. Can we then be surprised when their kids do the same?

Yet, I have also seen kids holding doors for elderly passengers, pcking up dropped items for them, helping them at the buffets, or just taking the time to talk to them. These kids were brought up properly. I always thank kids for good behavior, I let them know that I noticed. I also speak to ones misbehaving for the same reason.

I believe the core problem is much larger than property rights, it goes to the foundational quality of respect.

The habit of mutual and self respect is at grave risk of becoming a relic of our past as long as we, as a nation and human community, continue to look at each other in a judgmental manner.

It saddens me that the "better than / less than" mentality has been a part of our national fabric for centuries. It is continually perpetuated across all forms of mass communication down through the community, to the family, and to how one sees him/her self as an individual.

I could launch into a soliloquy on the topic, especially in light of the horror which took place in Charleston, SC... but I'll spare you all.

Although I cannot dispute that this is a real problem, there is hope. We sailed RC Adventure OTS in April, Easter week. It was announced by Tino, the activities director that there were 900+ "children" on board. That is close to 30% of the total passengers. We remarked several times during the week that we just never notice them. And at no point were we greeted with anything but respect from those we did encounter.

That's because they were below decks---running in the treadmill to move the ship forward..........Big Smile

Much cheaper than gerbils!Big Smile

It's not really a matter of "The kids nowadays". I have met many poorly behaved beasts as well as many young ladies and gentlemen. The problem is that the kids generally reflect the parents. Have the '60s come back to haunt us?Wink

Not trying to speak for Europeans, but here in America we have excelled in allowing a large welfare class, where everybody expects the gubmint to give them what they want, when they want it. The theory of "Delayed Gratification" has not been a fact of life for many of the present generation.

In the past, kids were taught "If you work hard, you succeed." Now they learn by example, "If you do nothing, then the gubmint will give it to you."

Those were Stepford children


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