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February 2015 - 4 Night Bahamas (Port Canaveral Roundtrip) Cruise on Enchantment of the Seas

mental health awareness? Not on Royal Caribbean

I can't believe such a big company has put such a low priority on customer satisfaction and staff awareness. The treatment received both on and off the ship has been terrible. I was singled out and embarrassed right upon entrance of the ship in front of fellow passengers. I take medication because I am bi polar. My meds were thoroughly searched (for every one to see), the ship doctor was also called to speak to me and I was advised by security not to drink. (While putting his hand on my shoulder). Non of this was necessary, and it was embarrassing. I may have a mental illness, but I am stable, and deserving of respect. Would a person with Parkinson's disease taking medcation be treated that way?  It's blatant discrimination and is absolutely unacceptable. There were other problems on the cruise...wet towels in our room when we first entered, the food was unremarkable and bathrooms in main areas were often left unclean. After these complaints have been made, Royal Caribbean offers my mother and I a 50$ voucher to be used on board our next cruise. Another slap in the face. Rest assured there will be no next cruise with Royal Caribbean. Mental health discrimination. ..the Royal (Caribbean) treatment. 


Picture included of public washroom on the ship....disgusting.

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