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16 transatlantic crossings, going back to 1951. One contract as a crew member on the ss Statendam (1968, 1969). Thirty-three cruises. All told, 58 voyages.



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Carnival Victory

May 2016 - Carnival Victory to Bermuda

Celebrity Constellation

March 2016 - Celebrity Constellation to Caribbean - Western

Celebrity Silhouette

January 2016 - Celebrity Silhouette to Caribbean - Western

Celebrity Silhouette

October 2015 - Celebrity Silhouette to Transatlantic

Rhapsody of the Seas

October 2015 - Rhapsody of the Seas to Europe - Mediterranean

Celebrity Reflection

November 2014 - Celebrity Reflection to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Liberty

May 2014 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Southern

Celebrity Constellation

December 2013 - Celebrity Constellation to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Conquest

November 2013 - Carnival Conquest to Caribbean - Southern


September 2011 - Zuiderdam to Panama Canal, Central America

Queen Mary 2

September 2010 - Queen Mary 2 to Canada, New England, New York

Ruby Princess

February 2010 - Ruby Princess to Caribbean - Southern

Explorer of the Seas

March 2009 - Explorer of the Seas to Caribbean


January 2008 - Noordam to Caribbean - Southern

Celebrity Millennium

April 2006 - Celebrity Millennium to Caribbean - Eastern

Sun Princess

April 2006 - Sun Princess to Caribbean - Southern


November 2005 - Oosterdam to Mexico

Sovereign of the Seas

January 2005 - Sovereign of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Celebrity Summit

April 2004 - Celebrity Summit to Caribbean - Southern

Radiance of the Seas

November 2003 - Radiance of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Grandeur of the Seas

March 2002 - Grandeur of the Seas to Caribbean

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Nassau, Bahamas - WORSE CRUISE EVER! It all started when I flew into Ft. Lauderdale for my cruise. I checked in with the cruise line rep who proceeded to tell me that my cruise was out of Port Canaveral. Say, what? I demand reimbursement from the airline for being so stupid and letting me get on the wrong plane. Anyway, I rented a car and got there just in time. Next problem; I had hidden a bottle of rum in my luggage and it broke! I'll have to add that to my complaint with the airline. I finally checked in and got on the boat. I was excited to see my ocean view room on the ground floor of the boat. When I looked out the window, which by the way, wouldn't open, all I saw was a parking lot and a big building; no ocean view! Off to the front desk to file a complaint. They were extremely rude and informed me that the boat hadn't left yet. I'll report there rudeness to the main office. Went back to my room and met the chamber maid. Can you believe it was a guy? His name was Stewart. Then off to the mustard drill. Still can't figure out why they call it that. Anyway, that night the boat was really rocking. We actually tipped 45 degrees and the waves had to be 60 feet high. I asked what was going on and they said it was hurricane season. Well, my weather man never mentioned that before I left home. I plan to sue my local TV station when I get home. So the next morning I look out my window and guess what I see: a parking lot and a big building, still no ocean view. Back to the front desk where I demanded to see the captain. They then informed me we were in Nassau. Fine, I said, be that way, but I want to be reimbursed. Oh, and if the captain invites me to sit at his table, tell him I'm not interested. The food in the cafeteria was so bad, that I was forced to go eat in the mess hall. What's with the fancy table clothes and linen napkins? Do you realize that last week someone wiped there mouth on the same napkin your using? Yech! And why can't all the workers learn to speak proper English? Their should be a law that all the workers are American! When I looked at my bill I saw that they charged me extra for service. No way! Why should I pay them? They're getting a free cruise every week, free food and a free cabin. What can they possibly need money for? And the workers on deck were totally incompetent! I got up real early to reserve my deck chair, like at 7am. When I came back to claim my chair at 11am, someone else was sitting in it, and the workers wouldn't do anything about it! The final straw was the private island. The only reason I booked this cruise was to go there. But, remember those 60 foot waves? Well the captain refused to let us off the boat. I want all my money back! Finally, happy April Fool's Day to everyone. Enjoy your cruise....I certainly do.

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