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December 2015 - 14 Night Caribbean West/East Adventurer (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Regal Princess

Table removed from New Years Eve Gala

On New Years Eve we went to the Piazza early about 8:30 to secure good seating.  My wife and I were joined by our two friends and we were having a very enjoyable evening.  Around 10:30 this individual in a red jacket came to our table and stated "you have lost your table.  He had two associates and they quickly removed out table and chairs.  This left us all dumb founded, I asked this fellow if he was going to provide us with seating and he gruffly said it wasn't for him to do.  There was a nearby area where our table could have been placed though it would have been crowded and I pointed that out and he replied he would not.  Needless to say I was more than annoyed.  We were on the same floor as customer service and I went there and explained what happened and that I wished for someone to come over and secure seating for us.  I was informed that someone would be right over.  After 20 minutes no one came so we went topside where there was another party.  We did enjoy the rest of the evening however we would have preferred to remain at the Piazza.  This was a special evening potentially ruined by a very rude individual.  

It is because of this that future cruises will be done anywhere else.

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