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November 2015 - 4 Night Western Caribbean Getaway (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Navigator of the Seas

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We arrived at port everglades at 930am because we were told by Royal Caribbean the ship would be in terminal 18 at 1000am. We parked in lot 18.  the doors opened around 1000 or 1015am.  the employees had problems getting the doors to open and stay open.  It was like they had never worked at this terminal before.  I thought if this was the worse that goes wrong we are in great shape. Wow was I wrong.  We got through security ok and we got in line to check in.  30 minutes later we still were checking in.  It was as if no one had ever done this process before.  first of all the person we had was incompetent.  we tried to move to a different open computer but were told very emphatically by a supervisor "NO" stay where you are at.  we will reenter everything manually and not take your picture now. we were sent into the terminal and had to come back because we were never given our keys.  We sat and waited for the ship and it finally docked around 1230pm.  It was over 2 hours late according to Royal Caribbean. As we were sitting and waiting in the terminal, the power went out in the building and unorganized chaos started.  Nothing worked.  we sat there and boarded around 230pm.  It never takes 5 hours from when you arrive to when you get on the ship. Once on board employees were asking us where all the passengers were since it was a full ship. We said they were still outside the building with no power. There was very little communication from Royal Caribbean even to their own employees. We thought the day was going to get better once we ate and the ship would leave at 600pm. Wrong once again.  We had an early seating at 600pm and went down at 545 only to be told at 600pm that the dining room was ready but was closed by the captain since the ship was leaving a couple hours late and the life vest drill was being pushed back again till 700pm.  we went to the dining room at 730pm only to find all of our tables occupied with the life vest drill yet. There was no one to control the exit of all these people through everyone waiting to get in the dining room. The tables were already set up earlier and now everyone touched our table cloths  and dinnerware and glasses and napkins.  how crappy is that. We did not finish until 915pm. And thank you Royal Caribbean for not changing the entertainment so most people missed all that.  Very questionable decision making and employees had no idea what was going on and would tell you anything to make you go away.  We went to our  room to change and found a letter telling us that unfortunately we did not complete the check in process and needed to go to customer service to fix this problem. Well lots of other people got the same letter as we all converged on an undermanned customer service staff of 3 people. We stood there an hour. What a waste of day one of our short 4 day "FUN" cruise.  On the morning of day 3 we were eating breakfast with a group of people and enjoying conversation before going into Cozumel. A loud alarm went off and an announcement over the ships communication system saying there was a fire on deck five and to send the fire team there. We all got up to get out but our waiter stopped us saying it is just practice. Then our waiter came up to the table in a life vest and told us he was off to the practice fire test and that we were on our own and no more coffee, juice or food would be served to us. We all looked at each other and could not believe it. We have been on at least 20 cruises and I have never seen or been part of anything like this before. We just chalked it up to everything else that went wrong on this cruise. This was the most arrogant and poor communicating crew we have ever seen on Royal Caribbean cruises. Then to make our 4th day, the cruise director in the theater announces that he has "Good news". He tells us that royal Caribbean has decided that we won't return to the nasty terminal without power and we will go to another terminal which he would not tell us the terminal number. I don't know how stupid he thought we were but all he had to do was to tell us the truth  that we left out of Oasis terminal and it would be there on Saturday and the Navigator had to park somewhere else.  But guess what, we were all parked in lot 18 and 19.  well everyone piled into the customer service line to find out what was going on with how would we get to our parking lots.  There were only 3 people working a line of at least 75 people. We tried to call at least 20 times and no one would answer. Great customer Service.  Then on saturday morning we got in the walk off line at 600 am with hundreds of people and were told we would be off by 700am. But no, we were delayed an hour till 800am.  We were told that Royal Caribbean was going to provide a parking lot shuttle that would run every half an hour to take us to the lots.  Great!! hundreds of people with all their luggage trying to pile on these shuttles which is exactly what happened. The shuttles only held 10 people and all their luggage. What a nightmare. Then we were dropped off at lot 19 and had to drag all our luggage to lot 18. We wasted more time on this short cruise standing in line and being tortured than having a fun vacation. So please don't tell us that it was circumstances beyond your control. It was your ship and crew and employees and port contractors. I would like to know what you are going to do about this. Unhappy Customers!!


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