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Carnival Triumph

August 2016 - 5 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Triumph

My experience!

I have been on 7 cruises, and this was the worst experience I have had! I have never seen so many rude workers. Dinner time was the worst because they seated us with a random couple, and dinner time used to be my favorite. Its just a time for you and your loved one to be alone and enjoy dinner. But you can't do that with another random couple sitting 2 feet in front of you! When we asked our waiter to move us or if we can sit alone, we got nothing but a big attitude telling us no! I was so disappointed, I couldn't believe the service we received. My husband purchased the bottomless bubbles, and everytime he would go to get a soda the bartender was so rude he would tell him no, or its too early. When we purchased the bottomless bubbles, it said to wait 5 minutes after each drink. And that's what we did! But the bartender told us no. The cruise ship was always so packed, I would come out at noon, and there would be absolutely no chairs! Am I supposed to wake up at the crack of dawn just to go grab a chair. This was not fair! I can go on and on but to top my vacation off, carnival employees broke my luggage and half my items were missing. And carnival doesn't even know if they can replace it, this was the most upsetting part. This has never happend to me, on any cruise. I am a gold card, I cruise often and I did not like this experience and I will NOT refer this cruise to anyone. I have talked to so many carnival workers and not one person has tried to compensate or help me with any of my problems. And Im sure this will get ignored too. Very upset with carnival, definitely my last cruise with Carnival Triumph.

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