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September 2016 - Allure of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

Customer Service didn't live up to my prior RC experience

I was a bit disappointed with my experience on this cruise.  Although the cruise had gone a different route because of the hurricane (went to Labadee and Jamaica instead of St. thomas and St. Martin), i couldn't really blame the ship for that.  However, i feel they could have communicated earlier on about a big possibility of a hurricane coming to the Caribbean.   They communicated the day we were supposed to head to St. thomas.  


So the very disappointing issues we had aboard this cruise was the overpriced items and its lack of good entertainment for the younger crowd/couples.  Let's start with the entertainment:  The DJ was absolutely terrible.  He played old songs every night on this cruise.  To make matters worse, he didn't even allow one song to play halfway through, He would skip to a different song (different rhythm/beats) after 10 seconds, so it was hard to groove/dance....even while being intoxicated.  Therefore the clubs/lounges were practically dead every night.  You would think he would have caught on after awhile that perhaps he needs to change his music/playlist.  But he didn't and therefore the nightlife music sucked horribly.  The musicals/theatrical venues were decent.


The overpricing issue:  RC over charges everything.....and i do mean everything.  From the liquor, to its 2nd market goods, pictures, excursions, and everything else they can put a price tag on.


Overall i feel that this cruise didn't live up to the experience i had with its sister ship, Oasis, 6 years ago.  I feel that the crew on that ship had better customer service and really listened to passengers' requests.  I'm not sure if this bad experience is just limited to the Allure of the Seas ship.  I truly believe Royal Caribbean's customer satisfaction rating had declined over the years.   this is my 5th cruise with Royal Caribbean.  Took a break from using them from 2010 to 2016.


This will probably be my last cruise with Royal Caribbean for awhile until i hear  they improve their customer satisfaction rating.  

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