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I am 57 and got into cruising in 2011 and have already done 12 and have 3 coming up it so easy and you only pack once and you get three meals a day

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Pacific Jewel

August 2018 - 4 days on Pacific Jewel

Pacific Jewel

June 2018 - 3 days on Pacific Jewel

Diamond Princess

February 2018 - 12 Night Australia & New Zealand (Sydney To Auckland) Cruise on Diamond Princess

Best trip

Best cruise so far great staff very helpful AAA+

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Pacific Jewel

October 2017 - October 10, 2017 Cruise on Pacific Jewel

Dawn Princess

May 2017 - 12 Night Treasures Of Asia (Fremantle To Singapore) Cruise on Dawn Princess

Pacific Aria

December 2016 - 7 Night South Pacific Cruise on Pacific Aria

Sapphire Princess

March 2016 - 9 Night Malaysia & Thailand Grand Adventure (Singapore Roundtrip) Cruise on Sapphire Princess

Malaysia and Thailand Adventure

This was a great cruise the places we saw were great and very beautiful and the shopping was great lots of different shops and markets all the places we saw were great and worth seeing

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Sun Princess

September 2015 - 10 Night Papua New Guinea (Brisbane Roundtrip) Cruise on Sun Princess

Great Princess cruise

This was a great cruise it was somewhere new and a great place to see if you like WW2 things the japs left a bit of stuff behind so a lot to see well worth a look

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Carnival Spirit

February 2015 - Pacific Islands Cruise Cruise on Carnival Spirit

Pacific Pearl

June 2014 - June 15, 2014 Cruise on Pacific Pearl

Pacific Dawn

November 2013 - Papua New Guinea Discovery Cruise on Pacific Dawn

Pacific Pearl

June 2013 - Short Break - Auckland to Sydney Cruise on Pacific Pearl

Pacific Dawn

November 2012 - Week Tropique Cruise on Pacific Dawn

Pacific Pearl

May 2011 - May 02, 2011 Cruise on Pacific Pearl

Cruise Tips

Lautoka, Fiji Islands

The town is a 15min walk away there is a good market there and lots of shops also a small mall it is worth a look enjoy will be going back next year .

Tauranga, New Zealand

Very nice place to stop at good shopping and lots to see the mount is great the beachs are very nice and the shopping was very good with plenty to buy

Akaroa, New Zealand

Very pretty town with lots to do like swim with dolphins to just looking thru the great shops or having a nice hot drink at one of the many cafes well worth a look

Port Chalmers (Dunedin), New Zealand

Not much here only a few shops about a 5 min walk from ship you need to go to dunedin to see anything to do like larnach castle or otago peninsula or get a train ride

Cruise Fjordland National Park

Very very pretty great place to take photos you can get some great shots of the sounds on a nice clear day well worth a look will be going back again just loved it AAAAA+

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Nice city with great friendly people and the shops are ok lots of places to get a coffee or hot drink lots to see and things to do nice would go back and have a good look around

Melbourne, Australia

Very poor not to much to do in the city the shopping was very poor not that many places to shop the cafes are great with lots to choose from but its just like any other city not to much to do

Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit

Great up early go get your meals i get up at 5.00am and get my meal at 5.30am nobody around and plenty of tables i have my meal in peace then i go get my deck chair and enjoy the sun

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I love rarotonga friendly people the snorkling is great with lots of fish get a motor bike and ride around the island great fun shopping is ok fish and chips are yum as fresh fish

Picton, New Zealand

I love comming into port here very beautiful past the island and the mountains the port of picton is nice but not to much to do in town go on a tour shopping is ok.

Mare Isle, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

Nice place but not much to do swimming by the wharf is ok with deep water the local kids all swim here the water was nice there is a market to buy local things which are ok

Lifou Isle, New Caledonia

Found this place very nice great beach for swimming and the markets are fun lots to buy it is a lot better now they have done it up

Lifou Isle, New Caledonia

Been here a few times now always worth a look small markets to look at with same nice things to buy good views from the beach back to the ship so good photos nice new wharf

Port Denarau

Very nice port good shopping just watch the taxi drivers they take you to a shop and make you buy something before you can leave

Pacific Aria

Pacific Aria

Go to the pantry early 0600 no lines and you can get a table the food is out at 0630 then once you have finished go get your deck chair and enjoy the sun


Singapore is a very busy port lots of ships in the harbor and the sky line with all the buildings are great

Sapphire Princess

Sapphire Princess

Get on have a good look around to get your bearings and then fine a good place to relax and watch the people

Nuku'Alofa, Tonga Islands

Nuku'alofa not to much to do if your not whale watching just walked around the streets looking at the peoples homes the people are friendly and helpful

End Of Vacation

Going back home after a great cruise is always sad but its nice to see my dogs and start getting ready for my next cruise but i do miss getting up and having breakfast can't bet bacon and eggs yum off to start booking next cruise😁

At Sea

At sea is a great time to look over the ship and find the best place to enjoy the sun get up early enough and nobody is around so you get the best deck chairs

Auckland, New Zealand

Great port close to shops and buses there is a lot you can do lots of eating places and the people are friendly

Sydney, Australia

Great port very pretty city with great shopping from the ship close to all transport very handy with taxi and trains and ferry all around and easy walk to the shops

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a great port very pretty as you sail into port with the many islands the shops are just walking distance from the ship and you can get a bus to anywhere ie the museum, kelly tarlton's sea life aquarium or just get on a bus and have a look around

Isle Of Pines (Ile Des Pins), New Caledonia

This is my best cruise spot the araucaria conifer trees scattered across the island look great the markets are great good for souvenirs and clothing well worth a look the beachs are great for snorkeling and swimming

Bali, Indonesia

Enjoyed bali the beachs are great shopping was fun and the people are nice you can see monkeys and over the place which is cool the taxi rides are fun just close your eyes and pray

Sun Princess

Sun Princess

Do as much as you can on board

Cross International Dateline

Enjoyed the crossing the ship did plenty of fun things to do we were on the Dawn Princess we got a certificate signed from the Captain and Cruise Director

Adelaide, Australia

Did not enjoy it here not much to do shopping was poor and very cold wind the casino was not great the river was nice you could go for a ferry ride which was fun and worth a look

Penang (Pulau Pinang), Malaysia

Penang is great lots of great markets and the snake temple is a great place to see with viper snakes all around you no good if you dont like snakes but it is well worth a look

Vava'U, Tonga Islands

Enjoyed my time here having a look around but not to much to do just enjoy the laid back way of tonga and just walk around the streets and meet the people

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a great place well worth having a look lots to do from driving to just going for a ride in a taxi the shoppi ng was fun and there where plenty of good food outlets

Singapore Marina Bay

Very beautiful great with all the ships and all the tall buildings great sky line and so many great things to see it a must see port love coming in here in a ship


Singapore is a great place with lots to do gardens by the bay, Singapore zoo Sky way singapore flyer just so many things to do go for a taxi ride lots of markets lots of food and malls

Doini Island, PNG

Great swimming and snorking a bar here to buy drinks and nice sandy beaches

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Great place the city is a bit ran down but the diving here is great with plenty of wreck diving and WW2 history nice beaches for swimming well worth a look

Fremantle (Perth), Australia

Great place like all the old building's and the walking places around the water front the cruise terminal was ok had a cafe which sold nice food and the boarding was easy

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

found this place was great shopping was fun and monkey park was excellent very friendly people well worth a look so go you will enjoy don't believe all the bad things you hear

Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia

Great shopping at twin towers plenty for the ladies and younger generation with Adidas puma Levis what ever you need with a food hall and lots of places to get a coffee can get a bit boring for as men

Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Great place to go swimming and snorkeling well worth having a walk around the locals sell some nice things so take some money with you well worth the trip

Kitava, Papua New Guinea

I enjoyed my time here looking around the locals sell things to buy shells are worth a look got some very pretty ones had no trouble bringing them back

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a great place to go there is plenty to do and going down the river in a cruise ship is great with plenty to see and a nice place to berth.

Noumea, New Caledonia

Ok but don't go on a Sunday all the shops are shut our ship dropped us off but didn't tell us all was closed not much to do all back to the ship to sit in the sun

Ko Samui, Thailand

went to see elephants which was great you can touch and feed them then went shopping the shops where ok some cheap things very hot most have aircon worth a look

Cairns, Australia

not much to do here a few pubs and a bit of shopping need to do a tour to have a look around or go for a dive trip lots of places to eat some are very good

Alotau, Papua New Guinea

this a place to go if you like going somewhere different it takes you back to another time it is a very interesting area to go as it has a lot of WW2 things to see

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