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Carnival Inspiration

October 2015 - 4 Night Catalina & Baja Mexico (Los Angeles Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Inspiration

Carnival Inspiration Cruise

The cruise experience began with spending 31/2 hours standing in lines to check in . The first 11/2 hours on asphalt and concrete in direct sun with no shade available. No one offered water or ask if anyone had medical issues. Both my wife and I have skin Cancer and are to avoid direct sunlight. She also has serious back problems and is not supposed to stand for any length of time or climb stairs. The AC in our cabin was on the highest setting and could only be turned down to low or off. We turned it off and got no air circulation in our cabin. There was no heater in the cabin so we remained very cold most of the first night. Upon returning from our shore excursion the second day we found the AC again back on set on high. We again were cold for many hours after turning it off. We contacted guest services and the instructed the stewards to leave our AC off.  You are permitted to bring sodas on board at embarkation but there are no refrigerators in the cabin> So how are you supposed to chill them?  Also no ice or ice bucket in the room. You  have to call room service each time you need ice or take your can of soda to the Lido deck and get a glass and ice..The food overall was very disappointing  with the exception of the Mongolian BBQ, Omelet Station and Hamburgers. The entertainment was below average with few choices. Two of the 4 elevators in the bank closest to our cabin did not work for the first two days.One was fixed by the third day . The wait for an elevator was very long. Elevators in different areas did not serve all decks making it necessary to use the stairs ( my wife shouldn't) or walk to another bank of elevators to get to the deck you want. The ship was very clean. The crew generally friendly and helpful. The shore excursions were the highlight. Overall I would not recommend this cruise, however, it is an economic short getaway if you live in the LA area.

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Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway

Book Restaurant and Entrainment choices well before your cruise date. We learned on our first cruise that choices become limited if you wait until you are aboard. We decided to make one premium dining change on our second day and the restaurant we wanted was booked until 9:15 PM on the last day.

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