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April 2015 - Carnival Inspiration to Mexico

The peeks and the pits

I’m going to list the Peeks and the pits of this trip…I will start with the PITS first….Unfortunately for us the rail way that took people off of the boat was broken. Meaning that there was only one way on and off of the boat. It took all day to get everyone on the boat for our cruise. For those of us that booked an earlier flight, this was a very long day. Carnival can’t really do anything about that, and I do give them props for making sure that other people’s safety was their top priority. But a phone call to our cell phones would have been nice. Instead we got a phone call on the answering machine AFTER the cruise. The second problem was that our entire floor smelled like raw sewage especially in the bathrooms…I thought at first it was because they may have just dumped the last trips sewage and that the smell would go away, this was NOT the case. I have been a few cruises and this was NEVER a problem. This was the first time…and it wasn’t just our cabin. I did ask my family that came with if their cabins smelled and they did. I asked our steward about it and they came in and sprayed something that helped with the smell but the smell did come back. Third there was a message left on our phone when we listened to it we found out that the couple before us had had toilet troubles…this also happened to us. Not once or twice or even three times…FOUR TIMES THE TOILET QUIT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! So annoying. Carnival did give us a complimentary bottle of wine after the third time the toilet quit working…and then we got back to our room and the toilet was broken yet again. This was mega annoying and if the couple before us had so many problems I feel that Carnival should have put us in a different room. Fourth and my final complaint we paid extra for a windowed room…but the window was so dirty from the outside it was kind of hard to see out of it...Maybe clean the windows a little more often for the guests that paid for a windowed room. Now for the PEEKS…..First the food in the dining rooms for dinner and breakfast (we never did have lunch there) was FABULOUS!!!! There isn’t one night that I can think of that I didn’t leave the table feeling satisfied with my meal. The buffet food and other places to eat were not my favorite they were mediocre compared to the excellent meal served nightly. My husband enjoyed the room service very much also. Second…the staff were EXCELLENT…our room steward was awesome and very very attentive. In fact one night I had called him by accident and he made a trip to the room to make sure that I didn’t need anything. He was great…I was greeted often by many of the people working the cruise ship. The comedians were HILAROUS and a very good time. And our waiters at night were also fabulous, very attentive, and great with suggestions on what to order. I do wish we would have been at a table by ourselves only because the people we were seated with were not the friendliest so it made it awkward but the food was always amazing. This was a first cruise for my husband, brother, and Father. And as soon as we got home my husband was looking for another cruise for us to go on, he enjoyed it so much. I would have given this a better STAR review had we not had the problems with the toilet. One time of it not working big deal…but multiple was a bit annoying. I would recommend this cruise but DO NOT get a room on the fourth level unless you enjoy the smell of poo...

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Catalina Island, California - Beautiful place. I highly recommend either renting a golf cart or having someone take you up to the top of the island..Very pretty views.
Long Beach (Los Angeles), California - If you get stuck at the airport there is a shopping district that is around 30 min away the cab ride is only around 54 dollars just make sure you dont get too caught up in shopping and miss your flight.
Carnival Inspiration Carnival Inspiration - We had breakfast in the dining room and then came back to the room and got our stuff. The ship was super fast getting us off of the ship. And you could still buy a coffee if you wanted/needed one while you waited. They would just charge your card.

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