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Queen Mary 2

July 2016 - 12 Night Grand Eastbound Crossing (New York To Southampton) Cruise on Queen Mary 2

A bit disaappointing

We took this same cruise last year and loved every minute and every thing about the cruise/ship.  We could hardly wait to get back aboard.  We were especially excited to see the new make over improvements.


The airport pick up was excellent.  A private car picked us up and dropped us at the front door of the terminal.  Our  luggage was immediately whisked away. That's when the disappointment began.  We lined up with many, many other passengers for security clearance.  Once past that we stumbled into one of 2 lines - no direction.  For the next 2 hours we waited to be checked in.  There was 1 Cunard agent at the front of the line but no effort was made to explain to any of us what the wait was for or to even confirm that we were in the correct line. Eventually a steward brought out 2 trays with cups of water.  That was not enough to serve even 1 bend in the line.  Considering the age of many of the passengers, it was probably dangerous for them to stand in hot, humid conditions for so long.  Later on the cruise we got 2 different explanations for the extraordinary long and frustrating wait.


The second big disappointment was the food.  Last cruise, every meal was delicious.  Very high quality in appearance, flavor, texture.  This cruise it was obvious that lesser grades of beef were served and the choices of dishes seemed much less varied.  The food offered in the King's Court was also subpar.  For example cream soups were white but not creamy in texture.  Instead of looking forward to meals, we just settled.


When we boarded there was a strong cigarette smoke smell on our landing which persisted throughout the cruise.  Air filters were set up in our passage way which helped but did not eliminate the odor.


The passage ways always had vacuums or linen carts in them.  The halls are narrow so passenger would nicely back off from each other in order to pass.  It seems like there could be a better way on such a beautiful ship.


We took advantage of the complimentary laundry facility.  It was free and very easy to use.  Nicely kept.


The Queen MaryII still is a very beautiful, elegant ship.  The King's Court always had bountiful seating so there was no hustle or bustle to find a table.  The crew was also most attentive.  


One of the very best things about the ship was the lack of motion.  We had calm seas but still there was almost no motion at all.  I have never been on such a smooth sail.  In our cabin, I could feel no vibrations or movement at all.


I am happy we went on the cruise.  This cruise had a different captain than our first voyage.  I don't know if that made a difference but I am not as eager to return the QMII has I had been after our first cruise.  She is still the most beautiful ship we have sailed.


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received a helpful vote on their Queen Mary 2 cruise review - A bit disaappointing

received a helpful vote on their Queen Mary 2 cruise review - A bit disaappointing

received a helpful vote on their Queen Mary 2 cruise review - A bit disaappointing

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