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Norwegian Getaway

January 2017 - Norwegian Getaway to Caribbean - Western

Too many undisciplined children

Good things:

Illusionarium dinner and show were wonderful

Comedians – open was bad, but the other 2 were really good

Million $ Quartet

Gumbalimba Park

Burn the Floor show

Bob Marley tribute

Battle of the Sexes

Oldies/Motown tribute

Howlin’ at the Moon

Great ruins & spice farm in Belize, but meal should have been included

Secret River excursion, but a lot of hurry up and wait on this trip

Bad things:

Strike 1:  On Embarkation, 3 NCL people looked at our paperwork and we were still directed to the incorrect line. When we got to the front of the line, 45 minutes later, we found out from another passenger, that there was a referred line for gold members.

Strike 2:  After finally getting on the ship, we met up with our friends who had been directed to the correct line.  They had already made lunch reservations at O’Sheehans just a short time before we arr’d and when I went up to the receptionist to add 2 more to the list, I was told that that was not possible and that we had to eat on our own and that it would be a 20 minute wait.  After waiting, what I thought was 20 minutes, I went up to the receptionist after seeing people just walking up and getting seated. After being rudely told that I had only waited 15 minutes, she told me that she had been trying to page me. I showed her the beeper that was NOT blinking. She grabbed the beeper, returned it to its place and she told me to go get my husband and she would seat me. Whew, I needed my winter coat with her tone of voice.

Strike 3:  Got to our room and luggage still not there.  This is the longest we’ve waited for luggage.  No sign of out cabin steward and out lounge chairs on the balcony were filthy dirty and didn’t get cleaned till Tuesday. This was my 19th cruise and the first time that I never met my cabin steward the entire time I was on the cruise.  We had to leave a note to get our body lotion replaced as an empty spot didn’t trigger a replacement.  The last day on the ship, we went to breakfast before disembarking, leaving our carry-on luggage in our room.  We got back to the room around 7:30 and found our door open with our carry-on luggage in plain view of anyone passing and the assistant to the cabin steward making up the bed.  He actually asked us to wait a few minutes so that he could finish what he was doing.  Are you kidding me???  We were on an excursion at 7:40 and needed to freshen up and use the bathroom.  Needless to say, we showed him to the door and none too kindly.


And most of that was on Day 1.


The lifeboat drill was entirely toooooo long.  You get close to 5000 in one area and you expect total silence.  Who are you trying to kid?  And to go on and on about the dangers of the Samsung 7, unless people have had their head in the sand, that’s old news. Parents with small children were having a heck of a time controlling their kids.


A la carte prices on the menus in the main dining areas?  When did that start?  Why don’t you just leave those selections off the menu.  And whatever happened to lobster night (Royal Caribbean still does it) or the chocolate fountain or the midnight buffet???


We were supposed to go on the Catamaran tour in Costa Maya.  We donned our suits and right before getting off the ship, checked with the shore excursions desk to make sure it was still running as we had seen the rough water.  We were assured that it was and upon getting to the pier and queuing up for the trip, found out it was cancelled due to high seas.  Imagine that.


On the last day, we took the everglades tour that would have been great if it was 70 and sunny, but alas it was 50 and pouring rain.  Should that tour have been cancelled?  Would anyone in a management position at NCL like to be out in the pouring rain on an airboat going 20 mph?


And last, but certainly not least, were the unruly children on this boat.  This is one of the main reasons we would never go back.  I couldn’t believe that nothing was said to the hoards of children, some under 10 years of age, that were allowed to run free with no parents in sight and nothing being said to them by NCL personnel.  I actually saw a few children sitting on their parents’ laps in the casino pressing the buttons with NCL personnel nearby.  Casino control would love that.


Along with the misbehaving children, came the misbehaving drunk millennials, as they called themselves.  We couldn’t even hear our waiter talking to us in one of the restaurants because they were so loud!  And was anything said to them, same as the children, absolutely NOT!


We went into this trip as gold members and came off the ship platinum members.  We used to recommend NCL to all of our friends and family.  We don’t anymore.  We would never sail on the Getaway again.Sad

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Seven Seas Navigator

October 2016 - Seven Seas Navigator to Other (Asia/Africa/Middle East)

Wonderful Cruise

This cruise, although pricey, was a wonderful way to see Africa.  It was worth every penny for the trip of a lifetime.  An all-inclusive cruise may be on the horizon again in my future.  It was so nice not having to be charged for anything outside of going to the shops or the spa.  The room was spacious with a sitting room and a balcony.  Our cabin stewardess was the best.  and the food...filet mignon and lobster tail every night of the week if you wanted it.  The only frown I would bestow would be the entertainment.  It was so-so, but they did have wonderful lecturers on board from the Smithsonian.  They also had free laundromats on board to be able to wash your clothes for such a long trip.  Would I cruise with Regent again - absolutely.

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Legend of the Seas

February 2015 - Legend of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Pride of America

September 2014 - Pride of America to Hawaii

Our worst cruise ever


To whom it may concern: My husband and I are gold latitude members and we just completed a cruise on the Pride of America on the 9/27 sailing, or should I say we jumped ship a day early.  This was my 15th cruise and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  Reservation #26228124.  The reason I'm writing this letter to public relations and not the marketing staff is because when I got the email about taking the post cruise survey, it put me into some company called Survey Monkey where I was unable to take the survey.  I emailed marketing about this and it went unresolved.  I was able to take the excursion survey with no problem, although it gives no areas for comment. Let me tell you about the good parts: We purchased the Ultimate dining package and we were able to make all of our dinner reservations the first day. The magic show with Matt Marcy The show put on in the Japanese restaurant - it was great The food on board was good, especially the Cagney, Moderno, and Teppanyaki. The following trips were great, if a little overpriced:    The Secrets of Puna, even though the trip was changed due to the lava flow. The tour guide was excellent.    The raft and snorkel trip was a lot of fun.    The tubing was great, again, the tour guide Chelsea made the trip.    The Luau show was wonderful, even though the food was not the best. Our cabin steward, Elisa (not sure of the spelling) was the best. The bartender on the 13th smoking deck was great. The bad parts: We contacted our cruise consultant, Joey Santos, when we found out the price of the cruise had dropped dramatically. He stated that he could not give us onboard credit, but that he would upgrade our cabin.  He never sent us the corrected documents, so our luggage went to the wrong cabin and we waited 3 extra hours for our luggage to be delivered to our room.  Thank God for Elisa who was able to contact the steward on the other floor, otherwise we may have had to wait longer. We were told our room was upgraded, but when we got a peck into other rooms, we realized that this didn't happen.  The room right beside us was a much larger room. Also, when I book a cruise, I book near the elevator/stairs.  Our so called 'upgraded' room was VERY far from either stairs/elevators. We were also informed that we would receive onboard credit for the cruise and we didn't receive anything. The Road to Hanna excursion was rained on and we came back to the ship early without completing the trip, never went to Hookipa.  This trip should be looked at and maybe rescheduled due to weather.  We never got the pastries and beverages promised at the beginning, we never really explored the Keanae Peninsula, it was a real washout and due to the weather (and the price), should have been cancelled. The cocktail party for the latitude members was an absolute zoo. My husband was insulted and talked down to in Le Bistro when he asked a question of the waiter.  Also, when I asked for a drink not on the menu, it became a BIG production.  My room key disappeared and didn't reappear until well after the drink was delivered.  We actually had to flag down the maitre'd to find out where the room key went. We had issues in the Cadillac Diner on 2 mornings.  The first morning, our food took a really long time to reach us.  If the restaurant had been busy, we would have understood, but there were only a few people there.  The second morning, 5 tables were seated after we came in and they had there food and we didn't.  We flagged down an officer in a white suit and he finally got us our food, which was cold.  The excuse we got from our waiter was that they had lost one of their servers.  He offered to rewarm my food, but we were running late to get to an excursion at that point and I just ate it cold (toast, home fries, and bacon).  The officer followed me out of the restaurant and told me he would make our bad experience right and would send a bottle of wine to our room, that never happened. Needless to say, we got off the ship on Friday in Kauai, instead of returning to Honolulu.  When we were checking out, we found that we never rec'd the onboard ship credit we were expecting.  When I called our cruise consultant from the ship regarding this, he claimed we never had any onboard credit.  As I was on hold a couple of times while he was checking, all I heard on the on-hold advertisements was about the onboard credits you would receive if you booked an NCL cruise.  Surprise, we never got any. We just took an NCL cruise thru the Panama Canal in January and it was fantastic.  The Hawaii Cruise was a BIG disappointment.  This cruise left a very bad taste in our mouth.  Will be book another NCL cruise?  That remains to be seen, but our next cruise this coming February will be with Royal Caribbean. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations. Angry


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Norwegian Epic

January 2012 - Norwegian Epic to Panama Canal, Central America

Norwegian Jewel

May 2004 - Norwegian Jewel to Alaska - Inside Passage

cruisinjoan's Tips

Miami, Florida - Don't take the Everglades tour if rain is predicted. It will not get cancelled and you will be miserable.
Norwegian Getaway Norwegian Getaway - Be ready for KIDS! There seemed to be more children than adults on this cruise and 99% were undisciplined with no control exercised. Nothing being said by ship personnel either.
Dakar, Senegal - Unable to stop for pictures at a lot of the places, but tour guide was good and took us to a sand painting craft market.
Porto Grande, Cape Verde Islands - On a so-so excursion here, tour guide was not good. We decided to go back to explore the city. Got off the shuttle and immediately felt uncomfortable when approached and asked when our ship left. Neither the shuttle driver or his assistant came to our aid.
Banjul, Gambia - Great excursion here. Went to a school where the kids were the best. Also toured a typical family compound.
Sao Tome, Sao Tome And Principe - Got to see how the African women do their wash - in a creek. We are so lucky in America. Experienced a cocoa plant. Not something you might want to see then eat or drink cocoa. Went to a former plantation for lunch, had great food and entertainment and were able to roam the grounds.
Takoradi, Ghana - Little dicey at the fishing village where we stopped. Swarmed by children asking for money. Good entertainment where we stopped for lunch at the African Beach hotel. Went out on the shuttle again - scary place to be roaming around.
Lome, Togo - Opposite school experience here. Children very undisciplined and allowed to roam free. Went to village and the poverty was devastating, but the tribal chief had on gold threaded robes.
Abidjan, (Ivory Coast) Cote D'Ivoire - 8 hour excursion with armed guards and an ambulance escort. This was the first time the ship had stopped here. City infrastructure has to change before they come back. We would go down a road and take out the electric wires as the bus was too tall.
Seven Seas Navigator Seven Seas Navigator - The all-inclusive feature was wonderful and I would definitely do it again. Regent also offered a land package that was included in the price. You could either have a 3 day stay in Lisbon before the cruise, or a 3 day safari at the end of the cruise. We did the safari. It was breakthaking!
Nawiliwili, Kauai - Jumped ship here instead of returning to Honolulu. Spent an extra 4 days here.
Pride of America Pride of America - Don't use the Cadillac Diner. Don't eat in the french restaurant if you don't read french and have to ask questions. Don't assume you are getting your room upgraded if you see prices drop after already booking. Try to get Elise for your cabin stewardess. She was an absolute bright spot.

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received a helpful vote on their Pride of America cruise review - Our worst cruise ever

received a helpful vote on their Pride of America cruise review - Our worst cruise ever

received a helpful vote on their Pride of America cruise review - Our worst cruise ever

received a helpful vote on their Pride of America cruise review - Our worst cruise ever

received a helpful vote on their Pride of America cruise review - Our worst cruise ever

received a helpful vote on their Seven Seas Navigator cruise review - Wonderful Cruise