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February 2013 - Norwegian Dawn to Caribbean - Western


At the start the port of Tampa was closed due to weather. Weather can not be controlled,but customer accommodation should be a priority.In fairness, NCL did email the delay; however, many did not get them at hotels. Since NCL could not allow anyone to enter the building to sit down, they should have gotten as many folding chairs as possible from elks , churches or even have some on hand especially for people on canes or stroke victims.I have a rod in my leg and had to stand for 4 hours before a kind parking porter allowed me to use his stool. When they moved us upstairs -- that was another 2 hours of standing before moving inside to stand. Water or juice should have been offerd to us right away. ( NCL did arrange for motor coaches to take people back and fort to the mall) Just what I needed-- I would appreciated just sitting in a seat! When I asked an NCL rep if they were going to get any chairs, he said mam this just happened we're not prepared. He did not care that I felt like I couldn't stand one more minute-- thank goodness for the parking man who gave me a stool. NCL did not just find out about this situation-- in the hospitality business ,I would imagine there should be a plan for every type of situation in order to accommodate customers. Beside chairs there should have been waters available!!! ( A woman saw water being brought off a van and ran over only to be told the waters were for the porters) Check was in a professional manner and as quickly as possible. As I wrote water or juice could have been offered to people on line.There was juice and sandwiches once you got off line. I was so thankful for the juice-- the sandwiches were gone and were going to be replaced,but did not come out while I was waiting to board. We were never given any compensation for the situation--an hour cocktail party the next night would have been something! On Thursday, we found out that they had the lobster dinner on Sunday night as if there was not at least half the guests still waiting to board and at least 1/4 so tired from standing! We felt cheated!! We opened the large water -- no sign in the cabin saying there was a charge! Luggage was delivered in a timely manner and the cabin was kept well by the steward. A few months ago,I took a Princess Cruise and could not say enough positive things about the friendliness of the crew ; I can not say that about the NCL crew. Activities could have included Free Trivia about 10:30 and then another one about 4:00. Bingo was too expensive-- met several people who did not play because of the cost. Deal or No Deal seemed like it would be fun,but of course it had a cost. My friend said she felt nickeled and dimed to death. May I add ,I recommend NCL to her and at the end of the cruise she told me would never take NCL again. ( she has taken 15 cruises on other lines). You could have had 1 hour get togethers for groups such as former med workers; former educators; singles ( not just gay and lesbians ) ; newlyweds to 10 years ; marrieds 10-40; 40& over years; parents accompanied by their children. There could have been more of a Spainish tone instead of Boolywood.

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