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November 2015 - Caribbean Princess to Caribbean - Western

Stress Cruise!!!

First I would like to say that the people on the cruise were very nice and the service was helpful for most part.

Apart from that, if you do not need anything additional and don't ask for anything they don't want to give you, then you are doomed!  Good Luck trying to explain to someone that you need extra towels or your toilet is clogged, or that the waiter told you that you may call up and have your favorite bottle of wine ready for you at your next dinner, its not so easy to do when you have so many foreigners that only understand basic requests.

My husband and took this cruise because we needed to get away from the hustle and bustle and get some well deserved R&R but we ended up very stressed instead.  We had a Balcony room which was nice, however there were two twin beds from hell put together to make a queen.  Sleeping on that was probably worst than sleeping on the floor.  Next, the shower was so small, even for me at 4'11 and 120 LBS, I did not have room to stretch my leg anywhere in that shower to be able to shave, the water made my hair very greasy as it had something in it, it felt like the water had laundry softener, the toilet got clogged because there were some plumbing issues a few doors down from us, so it took a little longer than I expected for them to fix it since none of the people that worked on the ship understood what the bathroom is clogged or water is over-flooding onto the floor meant.  the ship let us off late when we arrived in Progresso and we had a pre-arranged rental car waiting for us which ended up leaving us and we had to wait additional time for them to return which made our trip to chichen-itza late, hence, we almost did not make it back in time to board the ship before it left again.  On the way off the boat upon our arrival back home people were being directed to follow a certain line if you had a certain alphabet letter and when I asked one of the representatives about our luggage before we left the ship, she said, follow direction madame, so my husband and I did follow directions all the way till we finished with the customs agent and we realized we were right before the door going outside the terminal.  When we asked where we could pick up our luggage, we were told we were supposed to pick it up before we went thru to customs, however, I was following all the directions the cruise ship personnel kept giving us till we ended up outside without our luggage.  Unfortunately, we were not the only ones following these instructions, there were about 5-7 people that also ended up outside the terminal without luggage.  We had to wait over an hour to get our luggage as someone on the inside had to go looking for it and bring it thru customs and they were not doing one set of passengers at a time, they waited till they found all the luggage belonging to all the passengers outside to bring all the luggage at once.  We were the first ones that reported the missing luggage but we still had to wait till everyone got off the boat and others reported missing luggage too.  One thing that can make this cruise better is good communication with the customers, which was lacking throughout everything.  The cruise was late letting us off at our destination and no one would tell us what was going on or why we couldn't get off the ship, they were just telling us to go back upstairs, also, there was bad weather and the cruise ship was rocking badly, however, not once did anyone make an announcement to let us know what was going on.  Needless to say, my husband who had his first cruise experience asked me never to take him on another cruise again and I promised him I would not!!!

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received a helpful vote on their Caribbean Princess cruise review - Stress Cruise!!!

received a helpful vote on their Caribbean Princess cruise review - Stress Cruise!!!

received a helpful vote on their Caribbean Princess cruise review - Stress Cruise!!!

received a helpful vote on their Caribbean Princess cruise review - Stress Cruise!!!

received a helpful vote on their Caribbean Princess cruise review - Stress Cruise!!!

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