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I am a retiree living in west coast of Florida, I stated cruising in 2009. My first cruise was on the NCL Sky. My wife and I had such a great time and found the entertainment and the dance venues were excellent. We did a short cruise to make sure we would be compatible, being this was our first trip. We were blown away, what a great value to cruise, unpack one time then find yourself in a new port 3 to 5 times in just one week is just fine with us. We have tried the following lines: NCL, RCI, , Princess, Carnival and Holland. All listed in order of liking.



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Norwegian Escape

September 2016 - Norwegian Escape to Caribbean - Eastern

What a Great Ship, this is our third time this year

What a beautiful ship the Escape is, just like the sister ship, the Getaway.  #1 Food quality is excellent!  I can compare this to all other lines I have traveled on like RCI,Princess, Holland and Carnival.   Getting through a main dinning room should not have to cost you two plus hours of your time as the other lines and with poor service & food quality .  I have not received a meal yet that I was unhappy with in any of the restaurants or the buffet, great food!   I am really not a fan of the buffet though, not cause of the food, but more of the frantic atmosphere of the people at times, not all the time, but during a rush it's a mess.   I can not stand to see wasted food either.  


#2. Super friendly crew, I have not bumped into a crew member on this ship that did not have a smile.  I have engaged many of the members in conversation and found them to be quite genuine, friendly and warm.  Not so on other lines, some look so burned out maybe they should release them from contract and send them home.


#3. Dancing, If you like to dance there is a venue just waiting you.  You like ballroom, POP, Latin/Rhythm, freestyle.  You pick from live to canned it's all there.  Nice wood floor in the Manhattan Room, a dine and dance venue.  The Sky line Lounge has live and canned music but it has a tile floor (so don't wear your dance shoes there, bring leather soles shoes), The Atrium has live or canned music  that has a good wood floor as well.  FreeStyle music,  every night in H2O,  top of the ship, under the stars, where the party goes until you drop.


The Pool deck is tight on sea days, one Pool for Adults is nuts, that was a fail.   There is a kids area which is great for the kids.   The main pool opens to all after 5PM. Shows are great, comedy is good.  Spa up grade for $199 PP is not bad compared to the price of other lines that charge $350 for the same.  Look it up on youtube there are videos.  It suppose to be a quite zone but some Americans don't read and follow the rules so well.  


Public areas were always clean, every now and then I saw a stray glass, but I blame the cruisers for their careless ways not NCL.   


For the price this is a excellent vacation.   It seems that NCL is moving to capture the clients of other lines with their excellent service and friendly staff.  They did with us, this our fifth NCL cruise this year alone.  I think we found a new home. Love



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Norwegian Escape

July 2016 - Norwegian Escape to Caribbean - Eastern

If you have not tried NCL, what are you waiting for?

My wife and I are ballroom and latin dancers, so this ship as well as the Getaway was a home-run for us.  There are usually three to four dance venues going at the same time, and no you do not have to be a trained dancer to have a good time.  We have had so much fun that this is our second time this year on this ship.  We find the food in the main dining rooms to be excellent, the waiters very good to excellent.  The staff in general were all great, always smiling, always a hello.  I have felt so welcome on this ship.


I find the public area, such as the pool area tighter than RCI.  The pool is adult only until 5PM, That's a plus, but on sea days the tourist are wall to wall, no matter to me I am from FL, so I have the sun and water at home.  


Embarkation and debarkation is a breeze.  All around very good to excellent cruise.  I can't think of one thing I did not like, and I am a nit picker.    

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Norwegian Escape

May 2016 - Norwegian Escape to Caribbean - Eastern

"NCL has worked their way into our hearts and have captured us with their beautiful ships and dance and dining venues. Loved the shows; Broadway quality. Staff extremely friendly. We had a 4 night dining package, all the restaurants were excellent. We found the buffet area a bit frenzy; we stayed away from the buffet on sea days because of the crowds. One of the best in the business on the departure day. Walk off was a breeze!"

Norwegian Getaway

January 2016 - Norwegian Getaway to Caribbean - Western

"Top 3 of our favorite cruise ship. Great shows, excellent dancing, excellent service, excellent food. Loved the upgraded dining venues as well as the Tropicana Room with its great dance floor."

Great Ship

This was my first 7 day cruise on the Norwegian, we choose the Getaway.  We have been big fans of Royal Caribbean, it's hard to say that now.  The Getaway,  what a beautiful ship. excellent food (you don't need to up grade the restaurants unless you just want to try them), ship is kept clean, very friendly staff and dancing, wow dancing up the wazoo.   No matter what kind of dancer you are,  there is a venue for you.  There were at least three different groups playing every evening.  There are group dance lessons taught on the ship , so not to worry if you don't dance.  Personally I don't like the pool, I think it is too small, but that's my opinion.  Up grade to the beach club or spa, that will cure the crowds.   There are more pay for venues on NCL, but don't buy them if you don't want or have a need for them, easy as that.   All in all we are booked for our fifth cruise on NCL this year, pricing is great, service is great, what more can we ask for.  See you on our next cruise.

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Navigator of the Seas

December 2015 - Navigator of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

"The entertainment was fair. The dance floors are not big enough. The most popular club, Boleros, was right next to the casino where the smoke poured out and gave us headaches after a while. Would most likely not do this ship again unless it is SUPER cheap!"

Regal Princess

November 2015 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Eastern

"Thanksgiving cruise, came together with 4 other couples. Second time around was good, but not like the first time. We found that we prefer cruising on our own and meeting other couples on the cruise than bringing other couples with us."

Carnival Breeze

October 2015 - Carnival Breeze to Caribbean - Eastern

"Took us a while to warm up to the ship, a lot calmer atmosphere than we expected. The food venues were excellent during the day, but a bit lacking at the buffet in the evening. Plenty of selection at the main dining area, but with many people at the table, it took 2 hours to complete dinner. The entertainment was mediocre, but the cruise director Matt was very entertaining and kept you going. LOVED the departure procedures..BEST ONE EVER!"

Independence of the Seas

September 2015 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

"Wife's birthday cruise again, we found the service in the main dining has been slow and lacking, but we switched to the buffet for better selection and service, we find the we can get in and out of the buffet and get on with our night unimpeded by slow service and lukewarm food."

Independence of the Seas

May 2015 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

"Anniversary Cruise, what a great time and excellent service at the main dining room, excellent buffet, good entertainment great dancing."

Vision of the Seas

February 2015 - Vision of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

"By far the best and most fun ship we had the privilege of sailing on. Small but beautiful and well kept ship. Service was excellent, entertainment was excellent, the cruise director Marvin was excellent, dance venues were excellent , could not ask for a better time!!!!"

Regal Princess

January 2015 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Eastern

"Beautiful ship, excellent food and service. Dance venues were excellent as well as the shows, Excellent Buffet."

Independence of the Seas

December 2014 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

"Great ship excellent food and service, very good entertainment and very good dancing"

Caribbean Princess

November 2014 - Caribbean Princess to Caribbean - Western

"The ship look tired and needed dry docking for a complete overhaul. Food and service was great, dancing was excellent. "

Allure of the Seas

September 2014 - Allure of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

"Wife Birthday cruise, fun time had by all, great food very nice people on board."

Independence of the Seas

April 2014 - Independence of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

"Fun dancing, met other ballroom dancers"

Allure of the Seas

September 2013 - Allure of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

"Wife's Birthday cruise"

Norwegian Sky

June 2012 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

"Father - son trip"

Norwegian Sky

May 2012 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

Radiance of the Seas

December 2010 - Radiance of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Majesty of the Seas

September 2010 - Majesty of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

"Great Disco Party on all RCI cruises"

Majesty of the Seas

September 2009 - Majesty of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Monarch of the Seas (RETIRED)

July 2009 - Monarch of the Seas (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Bahamas

Norwegian Sky

June 2009 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

"What a fun ship, great food, shows and dancing. "

Westerdam (RETIRED)

January 2002 - Westerdam (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Bahamas

"We were the youngest couple on the ship, the crew knew us by name."

capeman's Tips

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas - Open truck rides not a bad way to see the place in two hours, nice beaches, I like to walk the area though.
Nassau, Bahamas - You can walk to the beach if you want, 10 to 15 minutes at most. taxi rides to see the island 2 hours at most.
Norwegian Escape Norwegian Escape - Don't get on any ship with a pre expectation, you are only setting yourself up for a down fall.. Let the ship reveal itself to you, if there is a negative event that takes place, put it on paper and make it known to the Hotel Director, then move on and do not focus on it. You only have 7 days.

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