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Adventure of the Seas

December 2001 - Adventure of the Seas to Caribbean - Southern

Disappointing Cruise

We recently sailed out of Puerto Rico on December 1st on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas. We  have sailed a few times previous on the Allure of the Seas the past few years. Are expectations on the Adventure of the Seas was very high, but only to be let down by a series of events and problems. The ship had many items missing early on the trip to include Cream of Wheat and Bloody Mary Mix, both are simple items and I was told they are out of by the crew members when I attempted numerous times throughout the week to order. We also enjoyed the wonderful Smoked Salmon on the Allure, but the Salmon that was presented in the dining hall was beyond sub par. It looked and smelled old. It had a very brown dried out appearance. On two occasions we both ordered cheese omelets and they forgot to put the cheese in, asked for a red apple as there were only green ones out and the server forgot and remembered the next morning when she saw us.



We are a family that works out everyday and eats very healthy. This ship had minimal foods to eat on the healthy side. We attempted to eat in the Wind Jammer but it was roughly 95% foods that made no sense to someone trying to eat healthy unless you wanted plain salad everyday. Many times in the gym when working out there where no trainers in the gym at all. We witness many teenagers playing around on the treadmills turning them up and running on them horsing around where they and others around them can get seriously injured. There was no trainers or helpers to witness this or put a stop to this.


.A very large group of people had there own agenda in taking over portions of the ship. The main floor which is the Promenade at times would break out in music played by a woman singing songs, playing her own guitar and hundreds chanting around her. Some of the people had spoons they would clap together with the music. They blocked the walking area of the promenade as you couldn't get through the crowd. They gathered right in front of the food area on the promenade and it caused people to skip stopping there because they couldn’t get to the counter. I know this because I was seated at one of the tables just prior to the festivities. This can't be allowed and there were many workers that said nothing, some even joined in the clapping and chanting.


The Show times in the evening were not conducive for us to attend. Only on sailing days which on this cruise were 2 days. We never had this problem on the Allure. On this cruise the shows were either 7pm or 9pm. We were at  port till 4:30pm. We then workout out in the gym till 6:30pm then shower, dress for dinner and its now 8ish and our seating for dinner is 8:30pm. How can we possibly see a show? This never happened on the Allure. as shows were at 10pm. The 2 shows we did see were the same show. They repeated the first nights show the last night.


To sum this all up the Cruise Experience was very disappointing and not up to the standards of the other Royal Caribbean cruises we have been on. If this is what I have to endure sailing from San Juan, on Royal Caribbean we will have to reconsider and even reconsider sailing with you in the future from other ports. I would greatly appreciate you looking into this sailing and getting back to us.


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