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Norwegian Breakaway

August 2015 - 7 Night Bermuda (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Breakaway

Great Curise but Beware of a few things

My wife and I are Platinum members with NCL and cruise exclusively with NCL.  The Breakaway Cruise to Bermuda was a fantastic trip and one we always have wanted to take. We live close to NYC so no planes was an extra bonus.  We would highly recommend the cruise to anyone. 

Two things to beware of:  First, we love the spa and the various offerings available.  BTW, book Rosanna for anything, she's a good friend and a wonderful person.  I booked two massages, one on day two, the other on day 6.  During the first massage, about every two to three minutes, I would hear a loud thud on the ceiling which obviously detracted from the experience.  When asking what it was, and I had already figured it out, seems when the ship was designed, they put the gym, specifically the weight room, on top of the private massage and therapy rooms.  Thus, when folks in weight room are lifting and then dropping the weights, they come crashing down on the floor and disturb whatever treatment you are having done.  The masseuse was great but obviously embarrassed and even mentioned she could not figure out why they put the gym on top of the treatment rooms.  Obviously, I cancelled the second massage not wanting to listen to weights pounding on top of me again. 

The  second thing to be aware of, that my wife and I are currently attempting to deal with, is an on board CrusieNext promotion that is headlined as "Up to $500 FREE today when you book your next cruise."  My wife and I did one of these before and were quite satisfied with the results.  Not so much this time.  The deal is you pay a $1,000 and immediately receive a $500 (the 'free' money) credit on board.  In paying this amount, you also receive 4 'credits' ($250 each) to be used on a subsequent cruise which we booked for March of 2017.  That's a great deal, $500 off your current bill and then 4 credits totaling $1,000 to use on your next cruise.  HOWEVER, upon our return we received a confirmation for the 2017 cruise and noticed only one of the credits had been applied.  When we called and spoke with a very nice representative, April,  who said according to what she was reading you could only use one credit per cruise which made absolutely no sense according to what we were told when we purchased the credits.  During the call, there were a few 'let me put you on hold' because there was obviously confusion over the promotion.  As a matter of fact the Terms and Conditions sheet she was reading from was different from the one I had.  We've put a call into the CruiseNext representative who was on the ship and sold us to the package to clear up what is either a mess, or, some misleading information.  Our CruiseNext consultant, Janine, even went as far to tell us that if we got a better deal through one of NCL's partners (we got this cruise through BJ's), that the credits could be applied. 

And so we would caution that if the offer is made on board for 'free money' you make sure, in writing, what you are getting and/or at least that the confusion will hopefully have been cleared up.  Happy cruising!  BTW, on the Breakaway, don't miss the Uptown Grill for lunch.  Best burger on the high seas! :-)



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