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August 2016 - Diamond Princess to Other (Asia/Africa/Middle East)

Excellent Dining and Housekeeping Service, Lousy Website Reservation & Customer Service

The itinerary, excursions and all services provided on board Diamond Princess was excellent but the on-line reservation of Internet time did not register by Diamond Princess to honor the 60 minute bonus that was supposed to come with the reservation.  When Kia, Supervisor of Customer Service was contacted.  He understood the problem after reviewing a copy of my reservation of thee 400 minutes that is supposed to come with 60 minutes bonus.  On the bottom of that page which I printed a copy to show Kia, there were no "SUBMIT" buttom for the customer to make the payment.  This is the same as the excursions as customers could choose to pay at the time of making the reservation or when the customer goes on board Diamond Princess.  There was no way to prepay even if I wanted to which is the fault of Diamond Princess' website.  I thought the first time I go on the Internet on the Diamond Princess, I would find that I have the 60 minute bonus.  However, I did not know how to locate that, so I went ahead and paid for the 400 minutes.  I then went to the Internet Cafe Supervisor and then to Kia, the Supervisor of Customer Service on the Diamond Princess who contacted Princess headquarters.  All three of them came back with the same response, "we found no record that the customer pre-paid for the Internet"  I already knew that fact before I even went to the Internet Cafe Supervisor. Kia and the Headquarters.  It was Princess Cruise Company's responsibility to fix their website so that the customer knew to pre-pay which is not consistent with the way Princess handles their excursion.  This confuses customers when inconsistent methods of payment is established by Princess.  After the cruise, we met another couple from San Diego who had similar problem with pre-ordering 4 cases of bottled water which was never registered or delivered to the stateroom until they straightened it out with the Princess Cuises.  

      My position is that Princess owes me credit of 60 minutes x 49 cents = U.S.$294.00.  Since Diamond Princess refused to authenticate my pre-order, I had to purchase another 400 minutes and left about U.S. $10 worth of minutes not used at the end of the cruise.  I am looking for an amicable resolution of this matter.  I was more than willing to pre-pay the 400 minutes plus 60 minutes bonus, but Princess website did not provide any avenue for me to make that payment.  Why would I prepaid tens and thousands of dollars and not willing to prepay the approximately $190 for the 400 minutes in order to get 60 minutes credit.  Does that sound logically to any of you at Princess?  Princess Cruises need to review their website and correct the problems it poses for all you past and future customers.  I am waiting for Princess to resolve this issue with me.  

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