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Carnival Fantasy

October 2016 - Carnival Fantasy to Caribbean

Sea of fees

Me and my fiancé took the cruise on a Monday morning out of the port of Miami. Upon arriving at the Miami port we checked our luggage with the carnival cruise line bellhop but was very rude demanding a tip before we even knew who he was or what he did he took my luggage along with my very expensive neck pillow. It was a $150 orthopedic neck pillow. This bellhop took it out of my hand and attached it to my suitcase gave me a receipt for my checked bags and told me my luggage will be delivered to my room. Needless to say the neck pillow never arrive I spoke with people about it at Guess services, and even when I return to Miami no one knows what happened to it. 


Then my other issue was excessive fees for example even though you're paying an extraordinary amount for a  beer and a bottle they then tack on tax and tip automatically keep in mind you're already paying gratuity of $12 a day per person which turned out to be an additional $130 for our cruise we ended up spending over $700 on the ship between the expense of water down drinks that additional taxes and tips on everything you buy regardless if you enjoy the service or not some of the bartenders are rude and I did not wish to tip them but the tip is already included and could not be changed a few issues with the dining hall when the staff seem to pick and choose who they would serve first even though there was a line I was upset at the maître d' handled our room considering my bedroom sloppily made.. once a dirty towels was even made up in my bed  but I am paying for tips when I could've made my bed myself my sheets were never changed even though other rooms sheets were changed


The food was great but  wish there was more choices in the Lido buffet and the day we went ashore in Mexico the only thing that was open was the burger joint and the pizza place the full-service buffet and restaurants were closed yet we were sure for 12 hours I must say just going to Mexico was amazing I really enjoyed the time with my fiancé and the food was good and there was plenty of it and you can eat whenever you want as much as you want the cruise Captain Mike he was kind of boring compared to other cruises leaving the ship was very chaotic we were stuck in line for nearly 2 hours to get off the ship because he did not. Release us by deck as he had promised people behind me Missed  flights. 

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Norwegian Sky

June 2016 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

They wouldn't let us aboard!

Spirit Airline delayed our plane 8 times. Causing us to arrive at the port of Miami 15 mins before the ship's departure. When we arrived they refused to allow us to board the ship. The ship sat at port for another 30 minutes then sailed away without us. We lost over 1,500 dollars each. Then had to sleep in the airport overnight to fly back home the next morning. Worst experience of my life. 

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Sky cruise review - They wouldn't let us aboard!

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Sky cruise review - They wouldn't let us aboard!

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