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I am currently very involved with spending time with my family. I love to shoot pool and swim. I also attend college online to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Medical Administration. I also love riding harleys


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Carnival Imagination

August 2013 - Carnival Imagination to Caribbean - Bahamas

"worst experience i have ever had on a vacation"

My very first cruise and it will definately not be the last.

1)To begin with, the transition of plane to ship was ultimately stress free, and if you have ever traveled with children let alone 4 of them ages 13, 8, 6 and and 19 months old the Instructions given to us were precise and clear before we even left for the airport.  We were supplied with all the pertinent documentation that we needed to board the ship.  We were also, given a list of Identification and medical paperwork that would be needed in order for us to have the most enjoyable trip. 

2) I am disabled and have a difficult time getting around, I use a cane.  Carnival Cruise Lines went out of thier way to make sure that i was taken of.  Going as far as, changing mine and my granddaughters (3 of them also, thier first cruise) room so that I could easily manuever around the cabin.  I had one issue and one only when we went to Nasseau for the day to go to the Atlantis we had locked extra money and medication in the safe with my sons room key and low and behold when we came back the safe was open 50.00 dollars was missing when I brought it to the stewards attention he made me feel like I was the Criminal,  I took the loss, but will not be so naive the next time if it were to ever happen again.

3) Since the trip was so enjoyable my daughter, son in law and grandson will be going on thier first cruise leaving South Carolina on the 20th of January and returning on the 25th.  My 7 year old grandson is so excited he cannot sit still. 


I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A REQUEST IF POSSIBLE PLEASE MY DAUGHTER WILL BE CELEBRATING HER 34TH BIRTHDAY WHILE WE ARE ON THE CRUISE IS THERE ANYWAY THAT i COULD REQUEST A BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR HER.  She made the reservations, so could you please contact me directly regarding this request I really would like this to be a surprise for her, she is such a selfless person and deserves only the best, at 1-734-444-6733 or my email at


Just a couple more questions Royal Caribean has offered me 400.00 in onboard credits, with thier cruise line even though I have never traveled with them.  And Princess Cruise has offered me 300.00 in onboard credits and I have never taken one of thier cruises either.  Plus half off on my next cruise if I use thier cruise lines.  I enjoyed my 3 day cruise and am looking forward to the 5 day cruise we are about to embark on, and bieng on a fixed income I am having a difficult time coming up with any extra money to spend on my family on your ship I do not do any of the excursions so I will be spending the entire trip this time aboard your ship.  If there is anything you can do to help me have the ultimate experience it would so greatly appreciated.


Again, Thank you for the wonderful first experience and I am sure it will not be the last.  Looking forward to traveling on the Fantasy.



Beth L. Killackey

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Carnival Imagination Carnival Imagination - I enjoyed getting up early, going for a cup of coffee a good book and watching the sunrise from the Leto Deck what a beautiful site cannot wait to share it with my family.

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